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Jack is a hard-bodied hetero footballer who has two primary ways of spending his time: sports training and fucking. Watching this athlete sweat on the field with his footy shorts clinging so enticingly against his arse and big pendulous cock, drives the men scoping him out into a frenzy of lust. Dave approaches the lad as a friend, drawing him to have a kick about and reveal personal details about himself. Then Adrian sets upon him and takes the hot boy back to a cell where they can freely have their way with him. Jack lays flat out while they paw over his sweaty kit feeling the warm power of his muscles bulging beneath. They strip him and feast upon his body lapping and sniffing every inch of him especially his manly-smelling hairy pits and his musky crotch. There is a tremendous thrill in being the first men to get their tongues on the hairy circumference of his tight sphincter and suckle his silky cock.
Without even being aware of it, Jack's cock instinctually rises up as he's stimulated. His firm dick twitches and aches while the men suck and slide their tongues over his shaft. If Jack knew his arsehole was being widened by these men's prying insistent fingers sliding inside him he'd be absolutely enraged! Next he's turned into a cock sucker without knowing it! Adrian widens Jack's mouth to thrust deep into his cock and invade his throat. They 69 like lovers while Jack stays totally unaware! Jack is flipped over to reveal his perfect pale bottom. Adrian and Dave climb on top of him sliding their dicks along the crack of his arse. How will this athlete feel when he discovers he's been in the centre of a gay orgy
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