CustomBoys - The Pledge Master Proxy

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In THE PLEDGE MASTER PROXY, fraternity pledges endure sexual hazings during faked frat initiations!

Fred is the first to get probed and prodded by a horny student posing as the Pledge Master, then Jerod, Kal and Wes submit to his sexual whims.

Next, Troy, Billy and Paul opt for a 3-way, then Gabriel pleasures the Pledge Master. Eventually, one of the pledges suspects that something is fishy and asks Officer Hinkley to investigate the scam. Next, Ty gets his turn with the Pledge Master just as Hinkley lets his guard down and takes a cooling shower. Then Kirk and Jack get their turns, and finally, the Pledge Master meets his match with Zane.

Post-script, Hinkley gets ambushed and crime apparently pays!

Starring Troy Fox, Butch Love, Jerod Stevens, Kirk Kelley, Billy Razor, Kal Elton, Ty Gordon, Wes Roberts, Jack Porter, Paul Preston, Gabriel Jentzen, Zane Metzger, Marcel Sohmar, Zack McKhacki and Johnny Justice.

2003, 84 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Customboys Video

Director:  Steve Jerome
2010-04-11 20:54:47
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