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Corbin Fisher Pura Vida 2 Collection [MP4]

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DescriptionCorbin Fisher Pura Vida 2 Collection

The first Pura Vida Collection was the result of Corbin Fisher's biggest, most ambitious overseas on-location shoot - it was our first such big adventure, and Costa Rica left a lasting impression on all of us. We just had to get back down there with a new crop of guys (and one veteran who's since been in love with the beautiful country)! The original Pura Vida is what launched CF Select, and Pura Vida 2 launches a new round of wild and passionate on-location shoots with a new generation of CF stars!
Josh, Jacob, Tom, Kennedy, and Tyler join us on this latest Costa Rican adventure, and every one of these episodes includes loads of fun b-roll as they have a blast on the beaches, in the jungles, and at the villa that was our home during the shoot.
These guys manage to heat up the tropics even more, and it wasn't just the humid air steaming up the camera lenses! In 5 entirely exclusive and brand new episodes, journey along with these studs in Pura Vida 2!
    Tom II
    Tyler III

Scene 1 Jacob & Josh's Happy Hour
Were it logistically feasible, I think we¬íd just move CF down to Costa Rica permanently. The country is nothing short of beautiful, the people are all incredibly friendly, and we¬íve had so much fun there. Strictly translated, ¬ďPura Vida¬Ē means ¬ďPure Life¬Ē, and it is a common saying throughout all of Costa Rica - used as a greeting and salutation and something heard quite often. Such a saying being so ubiquitous really tells you a lot about the country and people, and I think Josh and Jacob are as in love with Costa Rica as the rest of us now!
Josh actually was there on our very first trip down to Costa Rica for the original Pura Vida, so he was the veteran showing this new crop of guys the ropes. Playing tour guide wasn’t the only way in which Josh could show the new guys around, though, and he lets Jacob know there are plenty of different ways to have fun when down in the tropics and enjoying the beaches and pools! These two go from playing in the water, to mixing up some drinks, to Jacob’s dick being buried balls-deep in Josh’s mouth.
They forget all about making drinks at the bar to begin some hardcore fucking - Jacob sliding his dick in to Josh and pounding away right outside and right by the pool with some of the other guys just a few feet away. Everything Jacob’s cock is doing to Josh must really feel great, as Josh ends up spraying a huge load everywhere. Had that load gone in to the pool it might have raised the water line an inch or two! As for Jacob’s load, though, Josh isn’t going to let any of it go to waste as he hungrily eats up as much as he can.

Scene 2 Kennedy & Tyler Make Waves
Costa Rica is known as an excellent surfing destination, with amazing beaches and breaks all along the country’s Pacific coast. While the waves down at the local beach we spent time at weren’t the biggest or best, Tyler and Kennedy still had themselves some fun with some borrowed surfboards. If they were having a little unofficial surf competition, I think Tyler proved himself to be the winner - we know he’s a snowboarder and apparently those board skills transfer to the waves, as well!
Tyler's prize for being the better surfer between the two? Riding Kennedy’s cock once back at the villa!
We all know Kennedy has himself quite the hot cock, and Tyler gets treated to every thick inch of it out by the pool. Tyler’s grunts and gasps are so real and hot, every single pump and thrust from Kennedy bringing out a reaction. Not only does Kennedy’s cock end up working a huge load out of Tyler, but you could see just how long that orgasm was building up in Tyler as he got more and more tense, his head thrown back in pleasure.
Kennedy’s own load was a huge one, as well, and he’s sure to not only cover Tyler in it but also fill him up with some!

Scene 3 Blond Free For All
While Josh and Jacob might be the ones starting off the action here together, it’s not long before Tom finds his way to the bedroom to join them and the Blond Free For All begins!
With these three hot-bodied studs horned up and eager for action, all-out intense fucking is what follows. Tom is the first one to get a dick in him, as Josh starts drilling his hole while Jacob does the same to Tom’s mouth. Indeed, Tom really gets the royal treatment here - Jacob and Josh go back and forth between his mouth and ass, using him in ways we’ve never seen Tom used before! It was as if Josh and Jacob were competing to see who could fuck him deepest and hardest!
These three then find even more ways to make the most of having so much dick and ass at their disposal, eventually working themselves in to a train where Josh gets fucked by Jacob while Jacob gets fucked by Tom. Jacob’s clearly loving this position, with his cock buried in Josh and Tom’s going to work on his hole. Even when the guys switch up positions, Jacob’s eager to get Tom’s dick back inside him. Josh wanted Tom’s cock in him as well, though, so moves Jacob out of the way to take a turn. All three of these guys spend some time sitting down on some hard dick and going for a ride until the loads start spraying all over!

Scene 4 Freshman 3-Way
While days spent out by the pool or down at the beach best represent how the guys spent a great deal of their time in Costa Rica, they were also sure to have themselves plenty of fun at night! We all made our way down to a local club, and the guys had a blast dancing the night away and putting on a show. It was all we could do to tear them out of the club and head back to the villa but, given the intense activities Tyler, Kennedy, and Jacob had planned for the next morning, they needed a full night’s sleep!
With Jacob armed with a small camera and Tyler and Kennedy sharing a tub, things get heated up quickly and we find out these three freshmen might be new to CF, but have no problems whatsoever letting loose and having fun. They all learned quite a lot in Costa Rica and gained a tremendous appreciation for how much fun they could have with other guys and that’s precisely what’s on display here.
Jacob proves himself to be the top stud in this one, with Kennedy and Tyler almost fighting over who gets to ride his cock the longest and hardest. As much as Kennedy and Tyler each loved having Jacob’s dick in them, they were obviously immensely turned on seeing their buddy get fucked, as well! What turned them on even more than getting fucked, though, was the opportunity to eat a huge load!

Scene 5 Tom & Josh Take A Plunge
The B-Roll that is included with this episode has to be some of the most fun we’ve ever shot. I know Josh and Tom would agree with that statement! They take a fun parasailing ride, flying above the beaches and getting amazing views of the surrounding area. The little waterproof cameras they had up in the air with them ensured we could enjoy it all almost as much as they did, and we’re treated to some spectacular sights.
Spectacular sights also show up when Josh and Tom make it back to the villa and start to get it on in the pool, as well. As you’ve seen me mention with all of these Costa Rica episodes, the guys likely would have spent their entire time down in Costa Rica in the water if they could - they all spent so much time at the beach or in the pool I’m surprised they didn’t grow gills and webbing between their toes!
With them all enjoying the water so much, why not let Tom and Josh get in to some intense, hardcore fucking right there in the pool?
This one is truly intense, as well. When you see the action here, you will see how in to one another these two were. This one is hot! Both of these guys were on the edge of orgasm throughout, and this could very well be the most natural and intimate episode we shot in Costa Rica - Josh cums without even touching his own dick, as the sensations of having his cock rub against Tom’s abs while he gets fucked prove too much for him. Tom is also taken over by an orgasm that comes out of nowhere, as he slowly works over Josh’s tight hole with his cock. There really is something magical about the tropics!
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