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Jared fucks Dylan - Corbin Fisher

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DescriptionWatching Dylan get fucked for the very first time was one of the hottest scenes I'd ever filmed since starting up CF. Dylan was pretty nervous about the entire thing before filming began, and was pretty confident he'd enjoy it, but the way Brent went about fucking him not only blew me away, but also blew Dylan away. He was overcome by how great it felt and truly enjoyed the experience.

When it came time for Dylan to get fucked again, he was ready and eager. Dylan's an extremely passionate guy and is totally full of sexual energy, and he's so at ease with these new experiences that he's been able to let all that out rather than hold back. Indeed, he takes to the action here with Jared right away and is clearly enjoying himself!

Just as I was surprised by how much Dylan enjoyed his first experience at bottoming, I was pleasantly surprised by how aggressive he got at times during this session! If he wanted Jared positioned a certain way during the foreplay or wanted Jared's arms or legs laid out in a way that suited him better, he took the initiative! I think he definitely took a cue from the way Brent guided him along in their video, doing similar things with Jared. I found it insanely sexy how Dylan made all those moves during the foreplay, even though he was set to bottom for Jared.

When it does come time for Jared's big dick to dive into Dylan's hole, Jared is as hard as a rock and Dylan is ready for it. Knowing how good it would feel, Dylan was not only ready, but could hardly wait for it! While Dylan is riding Jared's cock, watch as his dick gets harder and harder and listen as he's practically begging to get fucked!

One of the best parts about having a guy so clearly enjoy getting fucked is that it can't help but drive the top on! Though Jared is definitely the more experienced of the two, having been here at CF longer, he ends up feeding off of Dylan's energy and enthusiasm and gets encouraged to fuck harder, faster, and deeper as he sees how Dylan reacts to that and hears Dylan's groans, moans, whimpers and dirty talk!

We've long known Jared has a bright future ahead of him at CF and he's proven himself to be a super hot guy in bed, but I'm thrilled to see that Dylan has not only exceeded expectations, but is also incredible when it comes to having a hot fuck!
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