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Elder Sorensen - Inspection (With Bishop Angus)

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DescriptionElder Sorensen is one of the hottest young men The Order has ever scouted, and they have great plans for him.

First, however, for any boy who desires to receive the higher priesthood, he must prove himself worthy to enter into the covenants necessary to join The Order.

Thus far, Elder Sorensen has demonstrated that he is in perfect physical condition, he is good natured, he is highly affectionate toward his priesthood brethren, and he is completely obedient to authority.

Further, he is happily fooling around with his companion and other missionaries.

Like all recruits before him, Elder Sorensen is invited to the mission home for an inspection conducted by one of the more experienced men of the Order. And Bishop Angus takes his time to asses a boyÂ’s candidacy during this first step.

Despite having done this with countless young men, he looks forward to conducting each inspection of every Mormon boy as much as his first.

Â…And heÂ’s particularly excited to inspect Elder Sorensen, who had attracted the attention of the brethren from the day he started his mission, for his good looks and the extraordinary hammering he gave Elder Stewart.

Although the bishop generally likes to climb on top of the boys and drill their tight holes with his own thick tool, he thinks he might have to get a taste of how this missionary fucks.

When Elder Sorensen arrives and enters his office, Bishop Angus sees immediately why all the other boys want a piece of him. SorensenÂ’s smile makes the bishop impatient to please him. But he betrays none of this. ItÂ’s important that the boy recognized his authority and submit to anything he requires.

“Welcome to the mission home,” he tells the boy. “Today is your inspection. Do you know what that is?”

The cocky young Elder answers, simply, “Yes.” The look on his face indicates otherwise. Clearly, however, he is game for anything the bishop desires.

“Very well, let’s get you undressed.”

As the bishop strips the boy, he sees that the others have not exaggerated about the boyÂ’s beauty. His muscular, hairless, lean body is exactly what Angus loves in a young Mormon missionary boy.

When he has the boy completely naked, the bishop drops to his knees and takes his hard cock into his mouth. ItÂ’s a gorgeous penis, and as the bishop worships it his mind is full of the image of it entering his hole.

The boy doesnÂ’t know what to expect from this encounter. But when the bishop turns away from him and bends over his desk, Sorensen knows exactly what to do. He stuffs his cock into the manÂ’s ass, and his instincts take over.

He is determined to please Bishop Angus, and give him a fucking he wonÂ’t forget.

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