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Dreamboybondage - Cole - Top Boys 1 - 7

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Top Boy – Part 1

Playtime: 16:58

Cole, now 19, has been kept as a slave since he was picked up while looking for a ride over a year ago. Back then he was just a high school gymnast with a drunk mom and a missing dad looking for his path in life. Now, after months of training, he’s become an expert slave boy and cock-sucker. As a matter of fact, with his boyish good looks, firm body, and excellent cock-sucking skills, he has become a favorite of his master, who is grooming him as his “Top Boy,” the slave who gets to wield the whip and top other boys in the master’s cache of bondage slaves. Jared, needless to say, is jealous, not wanting to relinquish even an iota of his status as his master’s long-time favorite. Today he will make Cole truly suffer for even presuming to replace him. Next week: The flogger.

Top Boy – Part 2

Playtime: 14:34

“You are nothing but a pretty boy,” Jared tells Cole as he strokes the teenager’s firm, smooth body, stretched out and bound to a perforated table with rip ties. Cole is still wearing his “training shorts” – incredibly small bikini briefs with a see-through crotch, the only clothes he’s been allowed to wear, along with a matching see-through muscle shirt, for months. “Do you really think you could take my job?” Jared asks, pulling off his own shirt, exposing his chiseled torso. “To really please our master, you have to have a body like this,” he says, stroking his six-pack. “Yes, sir! You are very beautiful, sir!” Cole replies, hoping his flattery will help sooth Jared’s anger. “And you have to be able to take the pain,” Jared adds, grabbing a leather flogger and expertly whipping the boy up and down his body – hitting every tender spot on his young physique — his biceps, underarms, abs, pecs, inner thighs, cock and balls, even the soles of his feet. Cole screams in agony, but knows he has no choice but to take the beating. Next week: Forced workout.

Top Boy – Part 3

Playtime: 16:35

To further humiliate his trainee, Jared cuts off the slave boy’s tiny, see-through briefs and plays with his cock and balls. “You have to learn how to get hard on command, boy, even when you’re in great pain,” Jared says with a smirk. “Here, we mix pleasure and pain,” he adds, before brutally whipping Cole even harder than before, making the boy squeal in pain, flexing and twisting his teen body in a futile attempt to avoid the flogger. Jared is unrelenting. After an amazingly long beating, Cole is left on the table, quietly moaning, his body throbbing, for an hour. Then he is forced to do crunches, still naked, in the same cold cell, until Jared stands him up and bolts him to the wall face-first, his broad back and pert ass exposed and ready for his next beating. Next week: Ass whipping.

Top Boy – Part 4

Playtime: 15:43

Jared can see why his master has developed a special fondness for his newest slave, Cole. The kid has an amazing ass, almost as good as Jared’s own. But Cole, barely 19, is still young and fresh, with that wonderful arched back and curved ass that his master loves. “So you think you’re a tough guy? We’ll see how tough you are,” Jared smirks, then smacks Cole’s ass hard with his special, thin-strand flogger, which makes a nice, quiet snap that masks its true cutting force. Cole flinches and screams in pain. Jared is unrelenting, flogging the kid up and down his back, but always returning to his firm, young ass. Cole can do nothing to resist, with his wrists literally bolted to the wall and his ankles shacked together with steel cuffs. All he can do is flex and moan, showing off that beautiful ass and boyish body to full effect. Next week: Slave sucks cock.

Top Boy – Part 5

Playtime: 15:19

Jared continues to brutally flog Cole’s muscular back and beautiful ass, crisscrossing both with nasty red cuts. “Are you gonna suck me cock, boy?” Jared asks. “I can’t,” the teenager replies. “I am only supposed to suck my master’s cock.” Jared lays in even harder with they whip. “I’m your master,” he smirks. Cole has no choice – and he secretly wants to get his lips on that amazing stud’s cock. “Yes, sir,” he answers. Jared unfastens the young slave from the wall and forces him down on his knees. Even when he’s turned away from the wall, you can see evidence of his beating – a nasty welt from a stray lash that wrapped around his neck. “Suck it!” Jared bellows, forcing the teenager’s mouth on his cock. Cole sucks like a cheap whore, but Jared isn’t satisfied, grabbing the kid’s head and fucking his face harder. Next week: Swallow my cum.

Top Boy – Part 6

Playtime: 15:54

Jared gets even more aggressive face-fucking Cole, grabbing the kid’s hair and forcing him to take his erect manhood deep down his throat. Jared must acknowledge, at least to himself, that the boy is a expert cock-sucker. “You want your master to cum on your face?” Jared asks, assuming the role of their real master – a crime he and Cole could both be severely punished for. “Yes, sir,” Cole replies just as the muscle stud busts a huge load all over his face. “Clean it off!” Jared then demands, forcing Cole to lick his still erect cock clean. Cole eagerly slurps away, but he has an ulterior motive – revenge. “I can do a lot more than suck a cock,” Cole suddenly blurts out, jumping up and punching Jared square in the solar plexus, then the back of his neck, knocking the stud to the floor. An hour later, Jared finds himself strapped down on the same table, stretched out and utterly helpless. Next week: Tables turned.

Top Boy – Part 7

Playtime: 15:45

The tables are turned! A quick punch to the solar plexus was enough to keep Jared incapacitated long enough for young Cole to get the lean stud stretched-out and bound to the perforated table – just as Cole was just moments ago. Jared’s hands turn red as a single rip-tie holds his wrists down. His ankles are pulled back and bound to the table legs with the same steel cuffs used on Cole. His mouth is covered with the same duct tape. The slave is now the master! Jared is fucking pissed, screaming mumbled obscenities through his gag as Marshall caresses his stretched torso with the crop. Smack! Right on his nipple! The boy is now an expert with the crop. And he’s equally talented with the flogger – having learned from the same man his is now torturing. Jared will spend the night bound, gagged and helpless, his body throbbing from the whips. Next week: Young spy.

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