Xtreme - It's A Guy Thing

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Four scorching scenes of hot, young, stiff-dicked twinks that are well...severely oversexed...something quite normal for their tender age. But they've got dick sucking and butt fucking on the brain...and they're hell bound to get what they want...bigtime!

Scene 1: Austin Parker & Tyler Berke
Austin and Tyler begin their scene after their shower. Tyler takes off Austin's towel and begins to suck Austin's man meat. Tyler comes up from his knees and Austin rips off his towel and bends him over the bed. Tyler spreads his legs and Austin shoves his cock into his impatiently waiting hole. Austin fucks him hard and then shoots his load onto his back. Tyler soon follows by shooting his load onto his stomach.

Scene 2: Tyler Bradley & Sean Corwin
Sean and Tyler make out on the bed. Tyler moves down on Sean and kisses his cock through Sean's underwear. Sean then pulls off his underwear and Tyler takes it in his mouth. Sean returns the favor and then lifts his legs and penetrates his tight ass hole. Tyler then shoots his warm load all over his smooth stomach. Sean soon follows and blows his load onto Tyler. Bonus: Interview with Sean Corwin and Tyler Bradley

Scene 3: Jesse Jacobs & Blair Mason
Getting ready to watch some TV Jesse and Blair have problems deciding who gets to watch what. Blair pushes Jesse back and begins kissing him. Jesse then flips Blair over and begins ripping off his clothes. Jesse sucks on Blair's hard cock for a while and then Blair returns the favor. Once Jesse has had enough oral he throws Blair back and fucks his ass in missionary. Jesse then moves behind Blair and they fuck on their side. They don't finish there. Blair then gets up on his hands and knees at the edge of the bed and Jesse fucks him real good doggy style. Blair lies back on Jesse's leg as Jesse shoots his warm load all over Blair's chest. Blair soon follows and blows his load onto his stomach.

Scene 4: Aiden Riley Scott & Logan Miles
Logan and Aiden have some fun with the cameraman when they get asked to strip down and jerk off for him. The boys strip down and show their Asses. They each jerk off side by side and blow their hot man juice all over themselves.

Cast:  Sean Corwin, Tyler Berke, Austin Parker, Tyler Bradley, Blair Mason, Jesse Jacobs, Aiden Riley Scott, Logan Miles

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