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Yesterdy evening Helmut met three young guys in a bar - real machos,  bad boys looking dangerous and mean. But as you all know, Helmut simply loves such an attitude. That‘s why he invited them over to his place. After having one last drink, the boys finally went home.

Ten hours later: It‘s early afternoon. Bux, one of the boys Helmut met last night, is ringing at his door. He wants to collect his mobile, which he forgot yesterday at Helmut‘s place while drinking too much.

But now, Helmut makes a stupid mistake. Yesterday he saw Bux taking a ten euro note out of one of his buddies‘ wallet. And now Helmut confronts him with this situation: “I remember what u did last night“, and he requests him to apologize to his friend and hand the money back to him.

For one thing, Helmut doesn‘t know that Bux has already planned on giving the money back and for another thing he absolutely can‘t stand when other people meddle in his affairs. “That‘s none of your business!“, Bux shouts at Helmut.

But Helmut keeps complaining until Bux finally has enough. He decides to punish this stupid idiot. Bux hasn‘t taught somebody a lesson for a long time and therefore he is kind of looking forward to teasing Helmut a little bit.

If Helmut could only know Master Bux‘ definition of „teasing a little bit“. In an instant Bux, wearing dark grey jeans, a shirt and dirty Nike-sneakers, changes his attitude completely. He kicks and hits the victim and forces him to eat the dirt off his sneakers. Helmut lies on the floor like a helpless worm, he has no chance to defend. His tormentor apparently gets more and more into humiliating and teasing his slave. Every now and then, Helmut must open his mouth and Master Bux spits into it.

But it gets even worse. Master Bux takes off his sneakers and Helmut nearly collapses from the smell. The socks are moist and stink really extreme. Nevertheless, Master Bux knows no mercy and presses his feet into his victim‘s face. Later on, Helmut is even forced to lick the dirt and sweat off his tormentor‘s naked feet

While Helmut is lying on the floor and gets humiliated and , Master Bux is on the phone  and talks to his buddies DimStar and Khaz. He tells them about everything and how great it is to have a victim you can do with what you want.
Master Bux looks down at Helmut, grinning nastily. “Only 15 minutes any my buddies will be here!“
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