♺ The Bert Edwards Collection Part 1 (1972-1973)

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As one of my favorite pornstars of the 1970's and without a doubt one of the hottest en most energetic performers ever captured on film Bert Edwards (also known as Burt Edwards, Jean Cardin, Jean Paul or Burt Edouards), performed in a dozen or so loops (scenes that were sold on 8mm film reels in the early days of gay porn) and a few feature films.
Apart from the fact that some of his loops seem to have been lost over the years, what's available is not easy to find. With that in mind (and for my own private pleasure) I compiled an overview with scenes from my collection and added information on lost loops and images from sessions that could have been filmed but for some unknown reason never surfaced.

The collection is split in two seperate uploads. Each collection includes two seperate .rar files. One with session stills and other images in relation to the scenes in the collection and a second one with detailed information on lost loops and sessions that also might have produced loops supplemented with a collection of scans from vintage magazines.

Please note that the video and audio quality varies, DVD-quality source files could not be found for every included scene.

Scene 01 - 1972 Big, Hot, & Horny (DF-114 - Scene 1 from FVP 026 'The Brothers' - 14:44)
Indoor scene on a bed in a (motel) room with Jerry Cunningham. Loop directed by Matt Sterling.

Scene 02 - 1972 Hurts So Good (DF-120 - Scene 5 from FVP 025 'Hurts So Good' - 9:45).
Indoor scene on a bed in a (motel) room with Joel. Loop directed by Matt Sterling.

Scene 03 - 1972 Blue Summer Breeze (Scenes 2 and 5/7 from JP 'Blue Summer Breeze' - 16:17)
Two outdoor scenes as 'Burt' Edwards with Jim Mayer. Feature film directed by Barry Knight and supposedly Bert's movie debut. In the movie the second scene is intercut with another so that scene is edited out in this collection.

Scene 04 - 1973 Out Of Control (DF-123 - Scene 2 from FVP 027 'Out Of Control' - 15:16).
Indoor scene with Davey in the same (motel) room as in 'Big, Hot, & Horny'. Directed by Matt Sterling.

Scene 05 - 1973 The Rivermen (Scenes 1 & 6 from JP 'The Rivermen' - 22:22)
One outdoor and one indoor scene (in a houseboat) both with Duke Benson. Feature film directed by Mark Aaron. Bert's first name is spelled as 'Burt'.

The torrent for Part 2 will be uploaded in a couple of days and includes scenes from Wakefield Poole's 'Moving', two scenes from 'I Want More', 'Round Up' from J. Brian's 'Male Stampede' and 'Bronc Rider' (See brlow for link).

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