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Michal Um Spankings - Spanking Boys Eu

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DescriptionI've got quite a soft spot for Michal Um.  He's got a slightly goofy but chiselled looking face, wears good clothes and has a lovely chest, butt and legs.  He's very vocal but is not putting it on, these are hard spankings after all, including some ball slapping.  Three videos, two from Spanking Boys Eu and one from Spanking Army Boys, in HD (1080), wmv format as originally downloaded. Seedbonus always welcome.

* Spanking Army Boys - Michal Um (1.10GB)*
Michal arrives in his conbats and soldier gear, but these are quickly removed.  He is put over the master's knee and spanked hard with a belt.  It doesn't take long for him to start showing just how much the spanking hurts.

* Spanking Boys Eu - Michal Um Paddled on Ass and Thighs (1.36GB) *
Michal has stripped down to his shorts and goes OTK.  The master beats his butt and legs very hard with a thick, heavy paddle.  By the time his shorts have come down his backside and legs are very red.  He now gets an extended betaing with two paddles on his bare butt and legs, before he is made to stand up and has the front of his thighs slapped rapidly.  A very hard session that makes your eyes water.

* Spanking Boys Eu - Michal Um Wheelbarrow Hairbrush (1.04GB) *
Stripped to his waist, Michal goes into the wheelbarrow position for a few hard swats of the brush on his jeans.  These come down for some more on his underwear.  He is soon being spanked bare arse, being made to look down at the camera.  We're in no doubt how much this stings!

Enjoy, guys.
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