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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-22 |
Produced by Jaguar Productions.. Released by Magnum Griffin 1977..
Remastered and released by Bijou Video on DVD in 2010

performers: / role
Derrick Stanton / Blazer, guy on beach
Kip Noll / Greg, mechanic
Lee Marlin / Scott, mechanic
Nick Rodgers / Ace, garage manager
Noel Scott / Allen, customer
Richie Shaw / Kevin, customer
Roger Jones / Andy, customer
Stanley Beck / thief
Tom Ross (70s) / Ray, trucker
Thomas Preux / Monster

The three workers of an auto maintenance garage figure in a loosely tied story of their sex life.

1. Nick Rodgers Or, Tom Ross (70s) Og
Garage manager Ace (Nick Rodgers) pulls his tool out to stroke on until trucker Tom Ross comes by to lube it up with some mouth action.
2. Roger Jones OrAtRg, Noel Scott OgAbRr
Customers Roger Jones and Noel Scott decide to wait in the john. Noel takes the edge off the boredom by supplying two cylinders for Roger's piston.
3. Lee Marlin Or, Richie Shaw Og
Mechanic Scott (Lee Marlin) is working under a car when Richie Shaw distracts him from his work by sucking his dick.
4. Lee Marlin Or, Kip Noll Or, Derrick Stanton Og
Mechanic buddies Scott and Greg (Kip Noll) remember a three way on the beach with Derrick Stanton sucking two dicks at once.
5. Kip Noll, Lee Marlin, Nick Rodgers solo
All three mechanics are at a bar and end up in a three way with each other. They catch a burglar in their garage and force themselves on him.
6. Nick Rodgers, Lee Marlin
Scott gets fucked by Ace until, using camera tricks, Ace fantasizes having sex with himself.

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