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Original upload: 2015-05-15 |
Set 3 of 5 for a total of 120 videos from MuscleGods.com, Muscle-Worship.com, MuscleFantasy.com
All mostly softcore domination-inspired erotica although about half of them have jackoff to release.
These are all pretty old so the quality is somewhat poor but I've always included the highest quality filesize I could find over the years.

This collection took many years to put together and I've manicured it to be consistent file formats, naming conventions and remove redundancies - Seed and points appreciated! Also, if you have more files or other serious HIGH QUALITY muscle, let me know. Thanks!

Set 3 includes:

Hard Daddy Muscle - 0188 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Hercules - 0189 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Hitchhiker Pt1 - 0190 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Hitchhiker Pt2 - 0191 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Home Improvement - 0193 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Horseman - 0194 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Hotel21 - 0195 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Icons 271 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Into the Temple of Power 378 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Jake Jackie 769 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Jeff 760 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Jefferson 362 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Jefferson 682 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Joe 418 [Muscle Worship].mp4
John 779 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Kincas 286 [Muscle Worship].mp4
King Con - Dominion 726 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Mack 382 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Marcio 367 [Muscle Worship].mp4
Marcio 406 [Muscle Worship].mp4

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