♺ Satyr - Ream His Straight Throat 4 (mp4)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-12-01 |
Andre is a sexy straight guy that answered our ad in desperate need of some money. He moved to the U.S a couple of years ago to study international relations. We decided to help out this young stud with not only money but to get back at his girlfriend from Norway.

Andre's reason for answering the ad was because his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. To get back at his ex-bitch, he decided to try something new and send it to her. Talk about an extremely great idea, at least we think so. I so wish I could see the expression on that whore's face when she sees her boyfriend get throat fucked by our Satyr cock!

ANDRE WAS SUCH A GREAT DICK SWALLOWER, probably the best straight cocksucker we have ever seen. The greatest pleasure we get on a film shoot is when a straight man mouth doesn't need to be told to deepthroat down to the balls.

After getting his throat ripped apart, Andre does a great job taking a face load of man juice between the gap of his teeth! FUCKING HOT!

DICK IS A LITTLE OLDER, BUT MAN CAN THIS STRAIGHT MOUTH TAKE SOME PUNISHMENT! The coolest thing about this guy is that he got married at 21 and divorced at 30. He told us that his wife and all his girlfriends on the side always complimented him on his ability to eat pussy. Well, it fucking showed when he ate out our Satyr hole.

Our Satyr Man didn't show any mercy with this Straight mouth. No time to breathe, Dick. So fucking hot when they struggle and spit all over their own face for a breath of air. Dick was definitely having an out of body experience.

After a couple of hours of drilling, Dick was rewarded with a break, during which he was made to show his amazing pussy eating ability on our hot Satyr manhole.

Now this guy can take all he had learned today and use it on his chicks. What will he say when the girl asks him where he learned that?

Antonio introduced himself as a straight guy that's about to get engaged. He recently left a government job to get into business. Fearing he would not be able to get throat fucked by a thick dick before he jumps off the cliff into marriage, he decided now was the perfect time. This guy didn't even want to get paid, just have an out of body experience from our plump cock!

What does Rock need money for this time guys? Who cares. Some people drown their sorrows in alcohol, some drugs, Rock gets throatfucked till he gets memory loss.

Hello, my name is Jay and I'm a metrosexual. I would love to do a scene for you guys, I think I have what it takes to be a Satyr man." Yes you do Jay and you earned that title over and over again no matter how much you hated it.

Jay lets his gay friends dress him, because he believes that will help him get more play from the ladies. Why not take it a step further and experience a lot more? Jay got throatfucked like a little twink in the back alley, in the worst neighborhood, on a cold winter night in NYC.

Starring Andre, Dick, Antonio, Jay and Rock Bottom.

Directed by Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts.

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