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vimeo vol 3

[Vimeo-41455308] NOT GAY.mp4 313.04 MB
Znelka (2001).mp4 4.59 MB
[Vimeo-13426616] Cut-out.mp4 71.89 MB
[Vimeo-18308935] Requited Sizzle Reel.mp4 31.97 MB
[Vimeo-18364044] Dream Kitchen.mp4 40.65 MB
[Vimeo-35222872] DAS JAHR NULL (RESET).mp4 116.60 MB
[Vimeo-41175659] Kaffepausen.mp4 62.60 MB
[Vimeo-41372545] Covet, Normal.mp4 120.89 MB
[Vimeo-41393644] Hidden Child.mp4 105.15 MB
[Vimeo-41477039] Friend Film Teaser Kelly Clarkson Stronger.mp4 37.16 MB
[Vimeo-42254249] a little bit.mp4 198.66 MB
[Vimeo-42305727] Keel.mp4 56.08 MB

Christmas. London. Two agents meet in a crowded bar and briefly transact their business. Alienated from the world around them, they exchange the enforced solitude of their profession for each other's company. But what of the consequences?

Requited Sizzle Reel
Official trailer for "Requited," a short film by Sal Bardo. (Music: Katie Herzig - Hologram /the music file is attached!/)

Dream Kitchen
Dream Kitchen is a tale about isolation and lack of communication. The gap between the reality a young teenage boy lives, and how he would like it be. He has a secret that he would like to tell his family, something that he has come to terms with and is about to effect the rest of his life - but how will they react - they'll bloody kill him!
So he dreams of perfect way and the perfect situation - his own Dream Kitchen fairy tale.

Robert, his boyfriend Markus and his autistic brother Ferdi try to survive in a devastated, cold world, where zombies roam. Together with a group of other people they hide in an isolated mansion, but they all know they can't stay there forever. They need to get into the mountains in Austria, but they have only one small car. In addition to the rising tension, why does Ferdi sneak out at night in secrecy?

Johannes Pico's short film about a cop who tries to impress his partner.

Covet, Normal
The jolting cinematic portrayal of lust, greed, betrayal and eventual discovery of the breakdown of small town America.

Hidden Child
A story of a young man named Johnny who sifts though visions of atrocities past, beckoned by the ghost of his sister.

A film for Jon Andrews' Intermediate Fiction Film Workshop
Written and directed by Charlie Polinger
Starring: Austin Trow, Alex Kramer, and Calista Small

A short trailer for Friend movie. A story about friendship and how they overcome bullying together. (Music: Kelly Clarkson - What doesn't kill you (stronger) /the music file is attached!/)

a little bit
a little bit is a bittersweet drama that documents the relationship dynamics between two young men, Sam and Will, over a period of time, placing their romantic feelings under scrutiny.
The film depicts their very human sense of fragility and vulnerability, but ultimately, also of their maturity.
Piece by piece, they develop a bond, but love has its own limitations, bit by bit, we see their certainty slip away.
Following a chance encounter, the pair discover that they still care for each other. despite residual feelings, they simply acknowledge their shared past, recognising that love can come in many forms.

Two teenage boys get stoned in a boat shed, lie in a boat and make an imaginary journey, until moment of intimacy takes them both by surprise.

Znelka (2001)
Opening short film from Gay film festival Slovakia 2001. The theme is the gay holocaust.

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