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Ty Alexander vs Mason Brooks Wrestling

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A work "out" or a work "over"?

Conventional wisdom says that no one can be good at everything. Along those lines, mat wrestling expertise often doesn't translate smoothly into success in a roped ring. Many of the most dominant men on the mats have turned into spectacular jobbers the moment they climb onto the ring apron. The topography of the pro ring lends itself to a unique set of skills and a distinct mind-set. Mixing genres can be a formula for spectacular failure for many a wrestler. Not every wrestler is capable of making the smooth transition.

So you can understand Ty Alexander's surprise, and note of eagerness in his voice, to find that waiting for him in the ring is ring-virgin Mason Brooks. "What the hell?" Ty asks. Always the fashion plate, Ty's red trunks match perfectly his boots and knee pads. "The Boss says you told him you've been training and working out," Mason replies, "and that I should give you a work out in the ring." Mason looks stunning in metallic gold, lace-up crotch trunks and black boots. "Wait," he interrupts himself. "Did he say work 'out,' or work 'over?'"

While Mason has been establishing himself as a dangerously sexy force on the BG East mats, Ty has been following up on his "Debut of the Year" award last year by launching a campaign for top jobber. He's exceedingly proud of how his hot, young body is responding to a new work out regimen. Ty's scene-stealing bubble butt has been beaten in spectacular fashion time and time again, but as long as he looks good doing it, Ty is never one to shy away from another match. And Ty ALWAYS looks good doing it. Just ask him.

Sensing the tables may have turned in his favor, Ty condescendingly offers to give the ring rookie some pointers. What? Ty himself is barely beyond ring rookie status himself and he's going to show Mason how it's done? Ty Alexander has been crushed far more often than he's been victorious. It's not that Ty doesn't try to win. Oh, he tries. He's no limp dishrag. But very often his big mouth, caustic comments and over-confidence end up being his worst enemy, almost inviting the punishments his opponents are only too happy to provide.

Ty gets right up in Mason's face and, just like lightning, Mason drops his opponent to the mat, wringing a weeping, agonized submission out of pretty young Ty, courtesy of a vicious crotch ripping spladle. "How am I doing?" Mason smirks. Stretched but seemingly unchastened, Ty tries to reset the clock and get right back in Mason's face. Ty insists that Mason's mat wrestling holds just aren't going to cut it in the high impact world of the pro wrestling ring. Mason suddenly bounces off the ropes and nearly decapitates the notorious jobber with a clothesline. "Well now, I think I'm getting the hang of this," Mason chuckles.

You get the impression that someone has been coaching quick-study Mason well before Ty showed up. There's a patient confidence and a sadistic calm about the way he deftly ties Ty up in the ropes and batters the jobber's pretty body, yanking on those red trunks for added leverage. "What do you think of my chest?" Mason asks, shoving his big, beautiful pecs in his trussed up opponent's face. "Do you want a chest like mine?" Ty sucks down an ocean of pain, but he submits again. And again. A vice-like figure-4 chokehold makes Ty's adorable face flush purple. "I don't skip leg day, can you tell?" Mason taunts the would-be fitness boy.

Mason's fans will recognize a familiar relentlessness about his attacks. Intense corporal punishment laced with a sexy sadistic sensuality with a heavy helping of smart ass humor at his opponent's expense are the hot young hunk's bread and butter.

But there's something new here, and it's not just the mystifying wonder of watching a mat expert absolutely own the ring. He's here to please, even as he reduces whimpering Ty to a pool of sweat and misery. "I told you I have a job to do," he explains when Ty begs for mercy, pleading for escape. "I want The Boss to know I worked you over real good." Mason refuses to take his foot off the gas pedal (and Ty's crotch) until he's absolutely certain that he's entirely delivered the spine tingling work out that The Boss, and you, are looking for.
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