[Erotic Female Domination] Hot and naked mistress and slave wrestle for victory

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DescriptionOh, I canÂ’t believe this. You managed to put me down SlaveÂ… or did you? Yeah, carry me in your arms a bit. WhatÂ’s the matter? You canÂ’t breathe all of a sudden? I wonder whyÂ… maybe because IÂ’m holding you so tight between my legs that you can feel your ribs crushing? Now sit down and letÂ’s hear some more bones crushing. You need these legs or can I just rip them apart from your body? CanÂ’t hear you Slave, youÂ’re too under my knee there. LetÂ’s give it another tryÂ… get up and try to pin me down again. See? You canÂ’t! I let you the first time but now I want to see you broken. LetÂ’s get these panties down and offer you portions of air. Seeing you down like that makes me pity you. I canÂ’t even get your small dick erect, you are really worthless.
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