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William Higgins - Ivan CaKovsky & David Skabeta- Full Contact screen test

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William Higgins - Ivan CaKovsky & David Skabeta

David Skabeta, a handsome muscle guy, is new to modelling and, after some persuasion, agreed to come in for a Screentest. He was paired with Ivan Cakovsky, a real sex pig, who really enjoys his work. So we set it up and I must say it was fantastic. David was hard in his jeans as Ivan started on him, by kissing and going down on David's throbbing dick. It wasn't long before Ivan wanted better access and pulled off David's jeans to achieve it. So then we got to see that David has a lovely set of nuts too. After he had been sucking for a while Ivan decided he wanted to feel some lips on his dick too, and David, hard as a rock, was happy to oblige. He slurped all over Ivan's dick before taking it in his mouth and showing us that he was up for it too. Then they switched into a 69, with Ivan on top, which gave him great access to David's junk, and it wasn't long before Ivan wanted at the ass too. Pulling David's legs up he sucked the dick and started to rim him too, before fingering his tight virgin hole. Then onto the main event of the Screentest. Ivan slid his dick into David's hole and started to fuck him real good. David for his part took it very well and was jacking himself back to a full erection while Ivan's dick was deep inside him. Changing positions twice gave us great views of David as he took everything that Ivan had to offer, before he popped his load over his belly, with Ivan watching and then squirting his stuff all over David too. This was a great Screentest, David passed, with honors.

2012-02-25 19:11:43
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