SSG - Jake

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Sexy Sexy Sexy. What else ya want me to say, this guy is just down right sexy. Every part of him I just want to feel, every inch of him I just want to taste. Beautiful smooth skin,  sexy brown eyes, rounded muscular body, stocky football player legs, Jake is just down right all round sexy. The best part is it don't just stop at his looks, or his personality. Jake isn't afraid of the camera, and is quit relaxed in front of it. The way he does everything during his shot is just hot, you can just see that he is enjoying it. Just sitting here watching it in the background while typing his making me all toey. His bloody hot, sexy, and he ain't afraid to show it. When he gets started on the jerk off sleeve..........grrrr
If ya can't tell, I like this guy, like him allot. In looks I almost compare him to Joel, maybe cause their the same mix and have a similar look. But any way ya look at it, his a top contribution to the site in my book, both in his looks, and his sexy performance . Yum!!! :-)

Jake - 22yr old plumber, gotta love the tradies :-) Why Jake did this, well I got the impression is was just one of those things he wanted to do, I guess like allot of straight guys. Be in a porno, doesn't matter if it isn't some big name production, or even if he gets to fuck a chick in it, just to have the bragging rights to his mates to say "I've been in a porn". Top guy. :-) If what ya after is a nice wank session watching some hunky guy getting off, Jake is what ya looking for. 10 points.

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