[Dirty Tony] Jaye Gets Dirty

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DescriptionRelease Date: May 14 2015
Jay is definitely one of my hottest studs, and he is intensely sexual. He also has a bit of a flavor for being sub to a dominant top. As we all know, I pride myself on being a bit of a giver, so I had him dawn a hood and jockstrap and hop onto my bed so I could service his needs. Or rather, he could service my needs. Ya, let's do this. I start by fingering his hot mouth while his hands explore my furry body. Then I have him unbutton my jeans and guide his mouth down onto my cock. His warm soft lips feel pretty damn good. Not as good as his throat though, and I happily ease my shaft down in there. He gets me rock hard after a few good strokes as I start pushing past his gag reflex. Now it's time to get serious. I drop down his pants and start working those sweet cheeks of his. Then I lay back and let him service my cock some more to see if I can get his lips all the way down. Good boy. Then he starts licking my nut sack. I throw off my pants to give him better access, and he gets right to work. Watching his hot rounded ass swaying in the air is too much makes me eager to plunge into his velvet hallway. I jump up and throw him down face first while I give him a nice cock spanking on his ass just to let him know what he's about to get buried in him. Once I tease his hole a bit, and get him lubed up, it's time to take the dive and I can tell how bad he wants it. After two fingers, I figure that's enough of a warm-up, and I press my raw cock against his hole before I let the head sink in. He can't help the moans as I sink my shaft all the way in. His back arches perfectly to take my rock hard cock all the way to the base. I know how much my bottom wants it when he presses his ass into each stroke. I let him fuck himself with my cock for a bit to show me his dedication. Then it's time for me to take over as I grab his hips and start grinding him deeper. I grab his chest and start driving in harder, as he takes it eagerly. Now I know I can own that hole. He rolls onto his back, legs in the air, and I waste no time in pounding that hot raw hole. I hold one of his legs up over my shoulder, grab his shoulders and start driving in hard with full access to his gape. Man, he is a hot fuck. Gets me close a few times, but I hold it back and edge. Watching my gleaming rod sliding in and out. I go at it again, driving harder and harder. Man he is getting me so close. Then I roll him onto his side and straddle that hole of his. He is loving it. There is nothing he would deny me. He wants everything I can give him. And I am giving it to him. I put him down on his stomach and withdraw my rod completely before slamming it back in. Then I start thrusting into him, and this time, I can't hold back anymore. At the last second, I pull out gush a huge load over his ass crack before diving back in to deliver the last few drops. Then I roll him over on his back, where he finishes himself off with my rod and load still buried deep against his prostate.
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