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[UKNM] Twelve Fucks and a Funeral mp4

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Description[UKNM] Twelve Fucks and a Funeral

The title of Twelve Fucks And A Funeral is a play on the 1994 hit romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral (which I’m pretty sure didn’t involve anyone fucking in a morgue). The basic premise is that clown-rape victim JP Dubois has passed away, and a few of his pals gather to mourn him and have sex over his dead body… You know, because that’s what he would have wanted them to do!

Riley Tess Gets A Stiff One

Riley Tess and Matt Brookes might be within the icy confines of a morgue but their far from dead. While paying their respects to the recently departed, Riley and Matt reminisce and wind up — pardon the pun — getting a stiffie. And what a stiffie! The cold no longer matters as the action heats up with Matt unable to keep his hands off Riley’s ass and dick hungry Riley unable to keep his mitts off Matt’s big dick. They take turns sucking each other then Riley gets bent over the mortician’s slab so Matt can eat out his hot, steaming hole. And once he’s good and wet, Riley takes the entire length of Matt’s cample cock, in one hard thrust, right down to the balls. Riley pushes back and it would appear that Matt has seriously underestimated this nasty little cock hound. But it’s all good. Matt gives Riley all he’s got and the whore takes it all, including a copious face full of hot, very thick cum!

Boned At A Funeral

At the funeral of porn star JP Dubois, nine horny pall bearers are trapped in the morgue, with eight of them wondering “who is Adam?” With time on their hands, they suddenly have the opportunity to find out who, and why, Adam was a favorite fuck buddy of the deceased. We might have gone a little overboard at UKNaked Men with this macabre piece but it’s an all out, Europe versus America, Cut versus Uncut, and nine gloriously hot studs, all of them taking it in turn to fuck U.S. porn star Adam Herst’s. There are some VERY big dicks here filling Adam’s hole! He might be brave and he might be horny but with so much meat they have to hold him down for him to take it all. Everyone has their limits but this man is insatiable! And yet, the men batter Adam’s hole, hosing him down with cum, but it’s still not over for the hardest, horniest mourner in history!

More Stiff Cock For Adam And His Hungry Holes

The action continues, this time with Ken Ten and Woody Fox. The two walk in on the orgy and, after their initial surprise, warn the men that they have to get ready for the funeral. As for Adam, since he’s already down and royally fucked, what’s two more? And so, having just taken on a group of horny men and pulling a train, there’s more stiff cock for Adam and his hungry holes. Adam might barely be able to walk but he’s just getting started and there’s no holding back Ken and Woody! Ahhh, if only JP were there to witness Adam’s whoredom. He’d be very impressed!

Samuel Colt Causes JP Dubois To Rise

Well what do you know? Turns out JP Dubois wasn’t dead at all! Although, the promise of a hot fuck with Sam Colt (JP’s all-time-dream-fuck) would have been enough to rouse him from the dead. JP begged us to let him shoot with Samuel Colt and, since we hate to disappoint, we agreed. It was one of those ‘stand back and let the cameras roll’ while Samuel took JP to task. It’s Daddy/Son play as Samuel puts JP through his paces, each of them slurping, sucking, and rimming before fucking their way to a sweaty, splurging, convulsing climax all over JP’s coffin. Fetish enough for ya? Yeah. We thought so, too.

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