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BUB - Master’s Toy

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Description- Master’s Toy -

Part 1-6
Starring: Alan & Trey

Master Alan captures Trey, a cocky college football player that needs a serious attitude adjustment. Blindfolded, Trey is forced to kneel on the padded bondage table with his wrists strapped to the suspension crane. He is then whipped with the flogger, fondled, and stripped of his pants as Master Alan strokes every inch of the stud’s body. “You’re going to call me sir!” Master Alan demands, readying the boy for more intense torture. Trey is lowered onto the bondage table, still blindfolded as he struggles against his binds. “I’m going to make you scream!” Master Alan announces, attaching electrodes to Trey’s nipples and his massive cock. With the electrified cock ring snug around Trey’s cock, Master Alan gets his slave hard, pleasuring him until he nearly reaches orgasm. “You’re gonna love this!” he says, getting his slave horny before throwing the switch on the device.

Trey is bound to the padded bondage table as Master Alan electrocutes the slave repeatedly. “Scream louder!” Alan demands, smacking the slave with the crop in-between shocks. Trey screams, kicking his legs as another painful jolt of electricity is sent throughout his body. “You like that?” Master Alan asks, stroking his slave’s cock until the boy is rock hard. This is going to be a long night. Blindfolded and bound to the padded bondage table, Trey is shocked repeatedly by his aggressive young Master. After several intense shocks, Master Alan caresses his exhausted slave’s torso, smacking him hard with the bondage paddle as Trey screams in agony. As if that wasn’t enough for the slave, Master Alan drips freshly melted wax on his bound slave as the screaming gets louder. “It burns!” Trey yells, flexing his muscles as his stomach is coated in more wax.

Trey is coated in hot, freshly-melted wax as he screams in pure agony. “I’m tired of hearing you!” Master Alan yells, covering the slave’s mouth in duct tape. With a blindfold covering his eyes, slave-boy Trey has no idea when his Master is about to pour the wax. The slave struggles to scream from behind his gag as his muscles tense up. Trey is then brutally beaten with the leather flogger with layers of wax now coating the boy’s abdomen.
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