Thunder's Arena Christmas Chaos 2007 - Z-Man vs Ice Man & Angel

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DescriptionZ-Man vs Angel
Ahh Christmas that special time of giving. Well this Christmas someone has given Z-man a very special present. He's all excited and ready to open his new present when Angel explodes out of the present and attacks Z-man's! It's the ultimate surprise attack! Angel hates how much Z-man talks all the time so he slams him around then tries to make him eat a Santa hat just so Z-man will SHUT UP and STOP TALKING! You'll see camel clutches, bearhugs, full nelsons, ab stretches, and the most amazing REAL gut punching. Seriously with abs like these two have you gotta see this battle. In the end though Angel gets lifted by the neck (as always) and slammed to the mat, then gets knocked out in a DDT and Z-man turns Angel into a human Christmas tree by wrapping him in Christmas lights.

Z-Man vs Ice Man & Angel
Part 2 starts out with our newest wrestler, Ice Man, walking and in and discovering his cousin, Angel, knocked out, wrapped up in lights, and trapped in the corner with Z-man laughing at him. You don't mess with someone's family at Christmas. Ice Man explodes all over Z-man and just starts working him over. Ice man was a professional soccer player in Latin America and world class kickboxer before learning wrestling so his kicks are deadly! You'll see lots of powerful kicks, surfboard, Boston crab, and Z-man gets trapped in those massive thighs of Ice man for a head scissors that is serious long held torture. Still as they bearhug and battle it out, Angel wakes up, breaks free, and he sneaks outside. He steals 2 giant candy cane lawn decorations and comes back beating people down with giant candy canes! Angel and his cousin fight it out for awhile when they suddenly realize that Z-man is the one they should be fighting. They both go after him and just destroy and dominate the Z-man in a way that will be sure to make you laugh. I'm not going to spoil the ending but they decide to wrap Z-man up and turn him into a human present to get him back for turning Angel into a human Christmas tree. This match is one of the funniest and wildest matches. We hope you are entertained, laugh, and truly enjoy our crazy Christmas match just for you! Everyone at Thunder's Arena wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
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