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Demolition 18

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DescriptionOne of the best squashes matches ever - Guido Genatto vs Kirk Donahue. Please enjoy!
Guido simply cannot believe his eyes when his shiny, new, wet-behind-the-ears rookie opponent comes jogging to the ring. Kirk Donahue is a combination of Cameron Matthews' little brother and the perfect Irish pro. Boyishly handsome, with an earnest smile and a naïve eagerness to break into the business, adorable Kirk is, almost literally, half the man Guido is. "What the fuck are you doing!?" big Guido rumbles in disbelief at the bit of fluff bouncing on the balls of his feet in front of him. "I'm here, in a wrestling ring," dimple-cheeked Kirk replies, "so I'm here to wrestle!"
The rookie rouses to find himself mounted in a schoolboy pin, staring up at Guido's massive crotch. "How's the fucking view asshole? You like how that looks? You better like being pinned down in Daddy's web!" We might want to give Kirk credit for choking down one of the most brutal, one-sided demolitions in BG East history, but honestly, it's not like the kid has a choice. He tries to flee the ring repeatedly. He begs for mercy. He prays for divine intervention. "Who are you praying to?" Guido interrupts him. "I'm your fucking god right now!!"

Eventually, Guido gives the rookie a terrorizing choice to make. "I can break your fucking balls," big Daddy offers, "or you can take surprise option #2. You gotta take one or the other." Whatever it was that possessed young Kirk to dare to dream big enough to climb into the ring with Guido, it's crystal clear what Daddy gets, as he drives the demolished rookie to the edge of sanity. "Oh yeah, feels so good to make you my fucking bitch!" the bruiser crows.

This is the Epitome of a Demolition Match. The apotheosis! Young Kirk had no idea the depths of terror and humiliation he'd face this day, but fans of big, hairy, sweat soaked beardaddy squash matches will understand what we mean when we say that this rookie is demolished like no one has ever been demolished before!

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