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Extra Big Dicks - Doug Acre (Pack)

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DescriptionFour videos Doug Acre made for "Extra Big Dicks" studio.

Extra Big Dicks - Hung Love (Jacques LaVere & Doug Acre)

The door quietly unlocks and two handsome lovebirds come walking into a candlelit room. Doug and Jacques immediately start making out passionately right at the door near the candles and slowly move into the bedroom. The passion that brews between them is finally let loose in the form of kissing, sucking and erotic ass play. Slow and steady throughout their heightened encounter, they rub and fuck their way to bliss.

Extra Big Dicks - A Big Wager (Part 2) (Liam Harkmore & Doug Acre)

Its round 2 and this time is Doug's turn to get some of that sweet ass Liam is offering up. These skater boys love the dick and all the dick they can get in one day. After Jacques leaves the room Doug comes on in and sees Liam sprawled out on the bed naked full of dry cum on his chest. Doug walks in drops his shorts and lets Liam suck on his throbbing cock. Liam will be deciding who the best fuck is and who pounded him the hardest. Doug might be the winner the way he has been handling Liam's ass and mouth. All geared up with a raging boner Doug dives deep into Liam's eager ass. He wants it rough and hard, fast and deep as Doug is striving to be the winner. Liam rides that long thick cock like a champ and then is laid out on his back just right so he can bust another load all over himself. Doug, seeing all the cum just shooting out from Liam, pulls his cock out and blasts like a broken sprinkler all over the place dowsing Liam with the juices. Once all is done Doug calls Jacques back into the room for the final verdict but Liam suggests that maybe all three of them at the same time might help him decide the winner.

Extra Big Dicks - Caught Fleshjacking (Brett Bradley & Doug Acre)

Brett is finishing up his shower after a long day of work but what he doesn't know is that his good friend Doug is chilling in his bed butt naked Fleshjacking away. To his surprise Brett stands at the door watching Doug play with his long thick shaft slowly using the Fleshjack up and down his meaty shaft. Horny as all hell Brett steps in for a closer look and Doug wastes no time in pulling down his shorts to reveal Brett's massive thick boner. Doug services him for a bit and then they both lay out on the bed and DP the Fleshjack. Both of their huge cocks rubbing against each other inside the clear Fleshjack could make you cum just by watching it. They both fuck the tight Fleshjack hole and eventually Brett fucks Doug's eager tender ass. They are not done with the Fleshjack as of yet as Brett uses it on Doug while he pumps deep inside his ass almost sending Doug over the edge. The sensitivity is driving him crazy while he has Brett's cock pounding away and the Fleshjack stroking his massive dick all at the same time. Doug's bubble butt gets a nice intimate fuck as they both blow huge loads all over each other.

Extra Big Dicks - Serial Fucker (Hunter Vance & Doug Acre)

Hunter is at the Halloween party of the year and he is having the time of his life. He heads to the bathroom to check out his costume and wash up some. What he doesn't know is that in the stall next to him is a masked man that wants his ass. Hunter has his head down washing his face, and when he looks up into the mirror he sees the masked man standing behind him. A little scared, but thinking he might know the guy behind the mask, Hunter asks the man some questions. The masked man stays silent, and Hunter is getting creeped out when the man grabs his head and pushes it down to suck his huge long thick dick. Once down on his knees and a huge cock in his face Hunter now knows it's none of his friends. Now his face is getting fucked but the masked man wants his tight ass for his fat cock. Hunter gets pushed up the bathroom stall and turned around and fucked hard. It's almost too big for him to take balls deep as he screams in delight as the pain almost sends him over the edge. The masked man never says a word only moans as Hunter rides the shaft of the cock showing just how long it really is going in and out of his ass. Hunter can't take it anymore and ends up nutting all over the floor and the masked man blasts an earth quaking explosion of cum all over Hunter's back.
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