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DescriptionI don't know what I was thinking when I booked Ulrich's flight. His flight was due to come in at 11pm, and his return flight to the mid-west was at noon the next day. Less than 12 hours to do a shoot AND get some sleep. His flight was late, getting in at about 1am.

Surprisingly, we both were wide awake, and we did some nice photos before I sent him off to his bedroom.

I got him up at 8am, and thankfully he had morning wood going and was horny and ready to go! He just needed to rub the sleep from his eyes.

I'd love to get him back for "more" but he seems pretty firm about the guy on guy stuff, but I've guessed wrong before.

Ulirch has got all his body hair, and has the deepest blue eyes I think I have seen. Most guys with startling blue eyes are light colored, but his are a deep indigo, and his black hair really set them off.

His personality is definitely "party boy" Throwing parties and raves that quickly spin out of control and usually involve the police shutting them down. It is safe to say I don't think he minds being the center of attention, nor instigating some good natured "trouble."

For the video, I left a few shots of me doing some of the filming. I never know to do it..if it disrupts the flow, but at least you get an idea of how close I am, and it  really would be a crying shame to not get him back for more work...his dick never drooped, even when I hovered over him like a vulture.


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