Seduced Straight Guys Todd & Jimmy plus Logan

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Description2006-04-14 | For Todd this is his third shoot, for Jimmy it's his second and Logan, also his third. This shoot turned out 100 times better than I was hoping for. Before hand I was nervous as all hell, when doing a one on one shoot it's easy, you only have one guy to contend with, but when you have three it's a totally different story, you just don't know how the guys are going to behave, especially since they are going to be doing something they have never done before.

When Jimmy turned up, he seemed rather relaxed, but that is Jimmy, an easy going genuine nice kind of guy, with a bit of Aussie tradesman mixed in. That is what I like about him, that and the fact that he is just so god dam cute, and rather modest about it as well. I like a guy who doesn't realise how sexy he is.

Todd turned up a few minutes after Jimmy, and you could just tell he was nervous, even for this confident good looking guy, you could tell he was trying so hard to come across as relaxed and in control, you just knew by the look on his face that he knew he was about to bite off more than he was really prepared for. The fact that he had just spent the previous 1/2 hour at the pub sinking pots was also a big giveaway.

Logan was the first to turn up, of course he was his usual self-assured self. Logan plays a minor yet important part in this shoot. After seeing how hot he looked with Damian's cock in his mouth, I just had to get him on bored for this one, he was kind of a last minute decisions, and I have to say, a very good one at that.

This shoot has about everything in it, including something new for Seduced, you could say it was my first kiss, and man is it hot. While filming it I couldn't help but bar up, it was so horny, these two hunky guys lips coming together, and neither of them holding back, they both just fully get into it, fucken hot. The two main guys, Todd and Jimmy just worked so well together, one confident, with the other not quite sure yet willing. Bloody HOT!!
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