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OH Man! Studio - Unspeakable Cast:  Matt Majors, Braxton Bond,Cole Ryan, Adam Faust, Duke Rivers, Sean Steele, Ty Hudson

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DescriptionFrom the mind of Jett Blakk comes this dark and twisted love story! Stone (Matt Majors) is a young man who has an almost obsessive sense of justice. He hunts down Nazi war criminals who escaped after WWII and makes them stand trial for their crimes. Siggy, an informant (Braxton Bond) has a hot tip for Stone, but wants something other than money for payment. It's rumored that Stone is immensely hung, and Siggy wants to know the truth. He soon does, as Stone hammers the smaller man senseless with a powerful fuck.
Siggy gives Stone the name of an infamous Nazi who ran a brutal concentration camp during the war before disappearing. Stone finds him in Los Angeles, and pretends to be a graduate student researching German farming techniques in the 40's. Showing up at the old man's house, Stone is captivated by Perry Rugner (Cole Ryan), a grandson who loves his grandfather very much and has no idea about the old man's past. Upon meeting the old man (Dan Cross), Stone finds him sick and on his deathbed.
He calls headquarters for advice, but his boss (Adam Faust) tells him that the old man should still be made to face justice for what he has done. Hanging up, his boss jumps in the shower with Duke Rivers for some splashy hot fun.
Stone decides to continue deceiving the Rugners to find out if the old man has repented since the war. He continues to visit the old man and interview him, dating Perry outside the house. On one outing, they come to a stone stairway, and Perry tells Stone about a Japanese legend in which you can find out if someone is telling the truth by climbing stone steps. When you get to the top step, Perry explains, you lift your foot into the air and if the "Magic Step" appears, and you climb it, then you are telling the truth. Perry then tells Stone that he is falling in love with him, which makes Stone even more conflicted about his mission. They fall into bed and make passionate love.
Leaving Perry asleep in bed, Stone gets up and goes into the grandfather's bedroom, where he finally gets the old man to trust him and reveal that he is, in fact, Herr Stuhlgang, the youngest concentration camp director in the history of the Third Reich. He shows war memorabilia to Stone, who asks him how he got that position. The grandfather relates a story of two gay men, closeted in a dangerous time and forced to join the Nazi party or else be outed and sent to a camp. The two soldiers (Ty Hudson and Sean Steele) sit in a workroom cutting yellow stars and pink triangles out of felt. The dark, sultry Hudson playfully slaps a yellow star on the bald Steele's chest. The latter man brushes it off, irritated. Hudson slaps on another star, and again, Steele brushes it off. But when Ty smacks a pink triangle onto Steele, the bald soldier looks at him in fear, terrified that he's been outed. Hudson gently picks up another triangle and puts it on his own chest, outing himself to Steele. The two men kiss, unleashing waves of repressed passion. Steele even begins to cry as the two men kiss before a pounding sexual exchange.
The grandfather, at the time a young man, catches the two soldiers post-orgasm and as a reward for turning them in, is given a position as a camp director. Stone asks the old man if he's changed, but he doesn't understand. Stone asks if he had caught the men today, would he do anything differently? The grandfather becomes confused and agitated, and when Stone outs Perry to him, the old man snarls, "Dat faggot!" Stone pulls out the old man's pillow and says he will fluff it up for him as he looks down at the unrepentant Nazi.
Perry wakes up and finds Stone standing outside his grandfather's door, a sullen look on his face. Understanding that the old man is dead, Perry runs out of the house. Stone chases him to the stone steps and sees Perry standing at the top. "Do you love me?" he asks Stone, who slowly walks up the steps and reaches the top. He lifts his foot and suddenly, he rises one more step into the air As the two men hug, Stone ponders the complexity of life, as his search for justice must continue, while his love for Perry, who values truth above all, is based on lies and deception and must continue to be so for the relationship to last."
Cast:  Matt Majors, Braxton Bond,Cole Ryan, Adam Faust, Duke Rivers, Sean Steele, Ty Hudson
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