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[Alpha Males] - Red Center

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Finally, a flick that answers the question: What would happen if two humble (but gorgeous) horny sheep shearers from the Australian Outback used a video camera to record their sexploits in the big city? The answer: you'd get a hot flick bursting with scorching three-ways from start to finish, just like this one.

The two shearers in the city, as it were, are best mates Red and Bruce. They pick up local studs and tourists that they find at major landmarks in Sydney, like Bondi Beach, the Sydney Opera House, and various and sundry parks and public places, with amazing ease. Their good luck in procuring studs for playtime probably has a lot to do with their good looks: Red is a handsome, almost pretty (in a good way) dude with a wiry body, a huge, mushroom-headed dick, and charisma to burn; Bruce, his best mate, is buff and sexually versatile, and his uncut cock is completely mouthwatering.

The filming method couldn't be simpler. In each scene (most of the time) whoever is not immediately engaged in sexual activity of some sort holds the camera. Often, the guys involved look directly into the lens and address their unseen audience, bringing us right into the thick of things, which adds a lot of spice to the proceedings. And sometimes, when things get hot and heavy, someone directly involved in the action does the camerawork.

The first stud is Joey (no, not a kangaroo), a skater dude who Red picks up near Bondi Beach ( hxxp://SydneyMate.com ). Joey invites Bruce and Red back to his room. Red finds a dildo, and Joey tells him it's his Mum's, but that doesn't stop the young stud from allowing the mates to use it on his ass. Joey's dick, which is very large, stays completely erect as he gets his ass plumbed by the big dildo, and then both Bruce and Red fuck him. At the end of the scene, Joey has Red's dick in his mouth, and Bruce's in his ass, with Red holding the camera as he gets his dick sucked. Bruce blasts off all over Joey's back, and then Red creams Joey's smooth chest. Finally, Joey jerks off producing a big, wet load.

Next up is blond studpup Sean, who the mates find at a posh apartment complex on the pretext of renting the place. Of course, Red and Bruce have other plans for the smoothly muscled young rental agent, and they have him out of his business suit in a flash. All of the action takes place in a room with a mirrored wall, so you often get to see the action from both angles, in addition to whoever is in charge of the camera. Sean's closely-cropped blond pubes and thick cock are the center of attention most of the time, with Bruce going down on it and then performing with Sean in a hot 69. The sex reaches a crescendo with Bruce topping Sean doggy as, once again, Red holds the camera and gets his dick sucked at the same time. Sean's creamy, tan-lined ass looks great as Bruce thrusts inside it. Red gets some of that action, too, with Sean leaning against a wall as he plows him from behind. At the end, Sean jerks off, and his load lands in big white globs on his trimmed pubes.

At the Sydney Opera House ( hxxp://SydneyOperaHouse.com ), Red latches onto Marc, a cute German tourist. Marc surprises Bruce and Red by saying his ass is hands off, but the mates don't mind working around that. So in this scene, it's hunky Bruce who gets fucked, and it turns out that Marc has a prizewinner of a dick, uncut, thick in the middle, and raring to go. First, though, Marc and Bruce trade long blowjobs, with Red on the camera. It's a shame that Marc doesn't get fucked, because when he turns around for Bruce to eat his ass, it looks absolutely great. But, then, so does Bruce's: not only does he give it up for Marc, his mate Red fucks him, too, and Marc who holds the camera for them. At the end of the scene, Marc literally drenches Bruce's buff torso with cum.

A French roller-blader named Pascal is the next quarry for Bruce and Red. Pascal has ripe, sensual, dick-sucking lips, a tight body, and a thick, uncut dick that curves to the side. The minute he pulls down his shorts, you can see the outline of his meat through his white cotton Jockey shorts. Pascal and Red kiss as Bruce videos them, and then Red wraps his lips around Pascal's rock-hard dick. You only have to see Pascal's cock against Red's face to realize how huge it is; the contrast is amazing. When Red takes over the camera, he gets an impressive overhead shot of Pascal's mouth surrounding his cock, as Bruce deep-throats Pascal. Then Bruce eats out Pascal's furry ass and fucks it, and Pascal makes some great noises as his ass is invaded by Bruce's spear. Red moves in and sticks his dick in Pascal's mouth, while he films the action. At the end, Bruce and Pascal cum, drenching Pascal's chest and stomach with their loads.

The last scene features a well-hung, rangy stud named Steve, who Red and Bruce pick up at the beach. Steve takes the mates back to his place, and right away they find out that Steve has a big, dangling uncut piece of meat between his legs, which Red dives on. Then Red and Bruce switch off, and Bruce eats Steve's ass. Bruce reclines and Steve plugs his ass next, burying his dick all the way inside Bruce's tight butt as Bruce jacks his uncut meat, flexes his abs and pinches his very erect nipples. They change positions, Bruce sits on Steve and rides his cock, and Red captures it all from behind the action. Bruce jerks off, bringing himself to a big orgasm, and then Steve's cock explodes, sending his load rocketing over his head and onto the pillow next to his head.

That's the end of this trip to Sydney for the sheep-shearing mates, but I do hope they scrape together the funds for another trip to the big city soon!

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( hxxp://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Christian Saint
Marc Amon

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