SF - Drew

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DescriptionDrew Catches You Looking at His Perfect Fratboy Feet

This week we introduce you to a TRUE MASTER! His name is DREW and he is about to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Drew is a HOT STRAIGHT FRATBOY, but what makes him EXTRA SPECIAL is that he has a thing for TEASING GUYS WITH HIS BIG FEET! He loves knowing that we are GETTING OFF to his PERFECT MANLY FEET. In this shoot, Drew catches you CHECKING OUT HIS FEET. He can't believe you LIKE HIS SOCKED FEET and he goes to great lengths to TEASE and HUMILIATE YOU. He tells you to SNIFF HIS SOCKS and gets his FOOT SO CLOSE TO THE CAMERA YOU CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! He takes a SOCK OFF and that's where the ACTION BEGINS! This FRATBOY is the REAL DEAL!

Drew Makes You His Slave Beneath His Big Fratboy Feet

DREW is back! Judging by the amount of e-mail received about Drew, we should be premiering him weekly. You guys LOVE HIM! We completely understand - what is there not to love about this TRUE MASTER?! We told Drew how much you guys LUST AFTER HIS FEET and he laughed and said he was not surprised. He said he gets it all the time. He said he'd do an EXCLUSIVE STUDFEET VIDEO for those wanting to be his FOOT SLAVE. Oh boy....wait to you see this! Drew put us on the ground BENEATH HIM! He pulls off his HUGE COWBOY BOOTS to allow us to SNIFF HIS SMELLY SOCKS. He then HUMILIATES US with his LARGE FRATBOY BAREFEET! He even SPITS ON HIS FEET and tells us to LICK IT OFF.....NOW! This guy is UNSTOPPABLE!

Drew's Athletic Fratboy Feet After the Gym

This week you are in for a big treat! If HOT STUD JOCK FEET is your thing than DREW is back to please. This guy is over the top! He loves his LITTLE FOOT BOYS and will go to no end to make you DROOL AT HIS BIG FRATBOY FEET! In this shoot, Drew is home from the gym and orders you to SMELL AND LICK his NASTY SNEAKERS. He knows you can SMELL THE STINK OF HIS FEET THROUGH THEM and he wants your FACE IN THEM! He SLOWLY TAKES OFF HIS SNEAKS and lets you INDULGE IN HIS SOCKS. You can even SEE HIS TOES THROUGH THEM.....WOW! He SPREADS HIS TOES right up into the camera. On to his MASSIVE BARE FEET. Drew knows this is the real prize for many of you. He SHOVES HIS HUGE FEET IN YOUR FACE. They NEED TO BE LICKED! Can you tell I'm a big fan of Drew? LOL.

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