[MEC] The Escortmen

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The Escortmen- from MEC Studios. I tried to split this into the 4 separate scenes. If it doesn't work, please send a message and I will upload the full video.  I split it because for me personally, the only good scenes are the first one with Taka and the third one. However- other people might like the rest. The basic rundown is this: Scene 1 is Taka in a hot flip fuck. But they're wearing bowties for some strange reason. Kinda weird but whatever. Scene 2 is a standard 'guy gets fucked' scene. The top has a nice dick but the bottom doesn't do anything for me (just my opinion.). Scene 3 is a smaller guy getting used and abused by three guys. LOTS of cum and piss. They really work this guy over! Scene 4 is a little too focused on toys for me. There is some fucking but it's mainly just the guy getting a bunch of stuff shoved up his ass and then eating the loads of the two tops- one of whom is pierced.

Let me know if something goes wrong with the upload. Thanks.
2010-07-02 02:00:34
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