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MormonBoyz - Elder Holland - SETTING APART

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Description - Elder Holland's hole tightens against the priesthood stretching tool as President Nelson’s hand pumps his shaft. Holland’s ass has swallowed each of the graduated black dildos that protrude from the priesthood stretcher.
As he worked his way down the line, taking thicker and thicker tools inside him, he felt a pulse of satisfaction knowing that he was proving to President Oaks that he was a capable of total submission.
But the girth of the third to last dildo brought the boy to his limit.
“I don’t know if I can handle any more,” Holland moaned.
President Oaks sat at the end of the priesthood stretcher, smiling.
“If you are to atone, you must do as I say. Put your legs up on the bench and go up and down on that tool.”
The boy panted and shook as he spread and lifted his legs, allowing the dildo to go even deeper, As it hit his prostate, he pushed up and down, and focused on the rising swell of President Oak’s suit pants.
That this display was turning Oaks on made Holland’s dick swell.
Before his mission, Holland had been girl crazy. Even when he was paired with President Oak’s son and the two began fooling around, he always this was a passing thing, and he go right back to girls once he got home.
But the Brethren’s attentions, specifically those of the handsome, salt and pepper daddy, President Oaks have changed his mind.
President Oaks was the first man to ever penetrate Holland’s virgin quim during his calling and once the man’s plump cockhead slid inside him, Holland felt a burning desire spread through his entire body.
He tried for weeks to resist his own urges, but every time he saw Oaks, the boy had to adjust his crotch as his cock started lengthen and leak precum.
The sexy and chiseled, President Nelson triggered something different but equally erotic inside the boy’s head. President Nelson brought the boy to a screaming orgasm during his second anointing. But it wasn’t until when he spanked the boy’s ass raw that Holland realized that he craved such disciplining.
Far from being a deterrent, the thought of more punishment inspired Elder Holland to fool around with Elder Oaks as much as possible.
So Holland was pleased when, after being blindfolded and dragged through the cold and winding temple halls, he was brought into a dark room where President Oaks and Nelson stood. He had the attentions of both men separately, but never together.
Elder Holland was told that he must atone for his past. The boy was confused, not knowing if this included all the things he had done with the men and boys of The Order.
But he happily submitted to the punishment.
Now that Holland has reached his limit on the priesthood stretcher, President Oaks tells the boy to stand up.
“It’s my turn,” he whispers.
Oaks commands the boy to help him undress. Elder Holland’s mouth waters as he hears the metallic click of Oak’s belt unfastening.
Holland drops, immediately, to his knees and begins to tongue President Oak’s shaft through the thin material of his sacred underwear.
“Seems like an eager boy,” Oaks laughs.
“I’d like to see you fuck him,” Nelson growls.
“Oh,” Oaks says, holding the boy’s head firm against his crotch. “I will.”                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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