Skip tortured

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DescriptionExecutive Retreat - Skip

Skip is a successful, young executive who has long fantasized about being kidnapped and tortured. He wants some college-aged stud to subdue, strip and beat him — and he's willing to pay a lot of money to make his fantasy come true. We are happy to oblige, but we fail to tell him we will videotape the whole thing and post it online for everyone to see — including his wife and employer. Our young executive pretends to object when his pants are unzipped and his dick is pulled out and fondled by the hot college boy dominating him. «Stop it!» Skip mumbles unconvincingly through his silk tie. Then his dress shirt is ripped to shreds. He is about to get much more than he bargained for. The heavy-duty flogger crashes into his torso, knocking the wind out of him. This kid is strong, he thinks through the pain. When Skip signed up to be bound, beat and sexually humiliated by a hot college boy, he thought he'd be acting out a fantasy, but he'd still ultimately be in control. He didn't realize his tormentor would be Jared, a true sadist who continues to beat him until he passes out from pain and exhaustion, his face streaked with tears of agony. Tomorrow he will wake up to find his humiliating ordeal posted online.
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