Channel 1 - Pillage and Plunder

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DescriptionLike the sumptuous buffets on big cruise ships, director Chi Chi LaRue's Pillage & Plunder has something for everyone. There are muscle studs, boyish beauties, uncut Latinos, a nasty daddy bear and an array of hard cocks of three basic sizes - big, bigger and huge. Whatever floats your boat can be found somewhere on board LaRue's ocean liner of lust.

There's been a lot of industry wide anticipation for the release of this epic, floating fuck-o-rama. With a cast like the one LaRue has assembled, we expect big things, and I'm not just talking about their dicks.

Blake Harper and Jackson Price start things off with a bang. Harper, bearded for this role, does pecker pushups down Price's very accommodating throat. As Harper works over the born-to-bottom Price, we are treated to a few close shots of Harper's perfect pucker. It was like a magnet, and my tongue was drawn to it. I'm all for natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, but I've seldom seem a canyon so grand as Harper's muscular butt cheeks spread with his asshole practically inviting me to take a tongue tour of it.

Harper gets astride the always-willing Jackson and crack fucks him with a few new twists. Then Harper slams his sausage deep into Price's practically steaming hole. Harper does the pull-all-the-way-out and pound-all-the-way-in dance until Jackson begs for it fast and hard. Harper pumps his load in Jackson's sweaty crevice, and the jizz runs down and around the blond bottom's hole. Jackson punctuates the scene with his own thick splooge shot.

It turns out that Harper was just a trick and that Price is expecting his boyfriend home soon. They quarrel, and Price gives his guest the old heave-ho but not before Harper pockets a ring that belongs to Price's regular rump rammer, played by Logan Reed.

Reed and Price leave for their vacation aboard a vessel that puts the cruise in cruise ship. Of course, Harper is booked on the same sea-men adventure. Once on board, we know that sooner or later Price and Harper's dirty laundry is bound to surface.

The liner's laundry room workers seem more intent on making their own cum stains than cleaning the clothes and linens of the passengers. Rascal Video exclusive Matt Summers is a serious cocksucker, and new discovery Victor Rios, with his uncut slab of dark meat, is the beneficiary of Summers' skills. With his impish, naughty-boy looks and sleazy trailer-trash attitude, Summers is a porn prince who always looks like he loves his job and would do it for free just as eagerly. When Rios shoves his chocolate fuckstick up Summers' Hershey highway, the two young men ride the wave of pleasure before Summers unleashes a convulsive cumload that leaves him quivering. Rios pushes his dick-drained buddy over the edge by continuing to pummel his porthole after Summers has already squeezed out his last drop of love juice.

In the ship's library, crew member Enrico Vega fraternizes with passenger Nino Bacci. With an upper body like his, Bacci should be required by law to go shirtless at all times. He chows down on Vega's ample foreskin like he was a dog with a new rawhide bone to chew on. The studly duo exchange deep rim jobs, and both get off good loads.

All hands on deck! All cocks, asses and mouths, too. LaRue unleashes an 11-man orgy that finally utilizes the ship and its watery vistas. The video's box promises a 12-man orgy, but I counted the cocks (each of the three times I watched the scene) to make sure my number was correct. Jason Branch, Scott Matthews, Nino Bacci and Paul Cody do a four-man mix-and-match grouping. Adam Gabriel, Corey Summers and Alex Burbon get in the spirit. Reed and Price reappear and are joined by Sam Crocket and Spike, with his double-wide dong. There are some particular images that stand out and will have you hoisting your ship's mast. Alex Burbon has a fucktastic butthole that we can only hope gets a lot more screen time in his next flick. The scene draws to a close with Spike sitting on the deck, jacking his prodigious pecker while the other 10 men are gathered around him in a circle jerk that leaves Spike drenched by a cum shower capped off by his own gusher.

Reed spots his stolen ring on Bacci, who'd picked it up earlier in the flick. In a struggle over the jewelry, Reed and Bacci bobble the bauble, and it drops into the ocean. Several months later, dreamboat daddy Barry Barrett is fishing and finds Reed's ring in the belly of the day's catch. He contacts the grateful Reed, who gladly shows his appreciation by bedding Barrett. They get into a slurpy 69 and rim each other like pigs at a trough. Barrett's super-thick, veiny schlong makes a memorable impression, and viewers should look for him to put it to use in future features.

In the tradition of other celluloid love boats, Pillage & Plunder brings together a cast of old favorites and fresh faces. LaRue and her cock-crazed cruisers keep it light on plot and heavy on action. And that's exactly how we want it. All aboard!
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