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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2007-05-13 |
MuscleMen Moving Company 2
Big Blue Productions
.avi file format
Dimensions:  720x480
Running Time:  1:30:49

(This is a GT re-post.  Special thanks given to the original member for sharing this HOT film!)

Cast:  Ty Fox
  Dakota James
  Mark Slade
  Marcos Pirelli
  Hans Ebson
  Cody Miller

The box cover exclaims that 'Ty Fox Bottoms!' And that, dear readers, is the motherfuckin' understatement of the year. Ty Fox returns triumphantly as a ferocious bottom, delivering his best performance ever. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Before we get to Ty's glorious ass-reaming we must deal with Ms. Diva. Raw Diva is the saucy bikini-wearing homeowner who has hired Ty's moving company to pack up her shit and move her to an undisclosed location. She greets Ty and Dakota and retreats to the sundeck to get rays for her "gorgeous body."

Raw Diva's exhibitionism (her tattooed cleavage admired by the crew) inspires Mark Slade to get busy with fellow mover Marcos Pirelli. Mark is a man with a huge dick. Marcos is a slender Latin looker with a penchant for sucking the aforementioned huge honker. He does excellent work deep-throating and slobbering over Mark's appendage as Mark propels the proceedings along with politically-incorrect (but hot as hell) dirty-talk. He fingers Marcos' "pussy" (his word, not mine) and then fucks said hole with a vengeance missionary and doggy. It should be said that Marcos is in hog heaven, and the look on his face as Mark squirts spunk all over his chin is what I believe pure rapture looks like.

Cutie-pie Hans Ebson arrives illogically as a "paperboy" while carrying a stack of magazines for Raw Diva, but is quickly pressed into service as a cocksucker by Dakota James as he attempts to deliver the magazines to the rooftop sundeck. Hans does incredible work, deep-throating with aplomb instantly. Dakota has one of those super pretty, super hard cocks that always appears to be ready to explode. Hans twists the big boy around for a very wet rimjob, Hans slipping his tongue into the small hole, the camera capturing the quivering sphincter expertly. At the top of the stairs, Ty Fox is pleasuring himself as he watches his subordinate getting his ass chewed and sucked. Dakota then fucks Hans, or, as he puts it, "fucks that paperboy hole," amid loud moaning and groaning that surprisingly doesn't disturb Raw Diva's sunbathing! Standing-doggy morphs to reverse-cowboy, Hans riding Dakota as boss man Ty continues to jack his meat above. This position shows off Hans' muscularity and his hard uncut cock as it twirls around as he bobs up and down. Dakota stands over Hans to blast his load all over Hans' face, and then Hans takes the spent cock in his mouth and squirts his load. Ty also shoots a juicy load, most of it getting caught in the railing.

Cody Miller, one of Ty's movers, spills some Gatorade on his shirt, which makes him want to take a shower! His clumsiness is a blessing. Cody is a musclegod. He's black-haired and perfectly statuesque, his tan skin smooth from head to toe. He gets wet and then jacks his pretty pecker for the camera, turns around, showing us his unblemished butthole, spreading it open to reveal a pink center that seems to be quite moist naturally. He spends a great deal of shower time spreading that hole open before jerking off to climax, cum dotting his six-pack.

Ty reprimands Dakota for fucking Hans on the stairwell. His punishment? He gets to fuck Ty of course (I wonder if that is in the employee handbook). Ty Fox is more muscular than ever, his body ripped and he looks competition-ready. Dakota is not as vascular, but he is close to Ty's size. They make a hot pair. Dakota gets the party started, kneeling down to suck Ty's hard dick enthusiastically. Ty returns the favor, slurping and sucking on Dakota's bone, peppering his efforts with plenty of dirty-talk, saying he can't wait to have that hard cock in his hard muscle body, etc. He's hunched over the cock, sucking like a man possessed. Dakota goes ass-up on the bed, Ty fingering his pink butthole, then Ty sticks his musclebutt out, on his knees at the edge of bed, as Dakota fingers his hole, the camera getting superb close-ups of the juicy-looking rosebud. Then the insertion (Ty on all-fours): Dakota's hard dick slides right in, Ty TOTALLY loving it, begging for Dakota to fuck him hard, HARDER, as hard as he can. The fucking is intense, Dakota ravaging Ty's hole, pounding him ruthlessly, the camera capturing it all from the side, overhead, underneath. Then, for me, the piece de r�sistance: Ty on his back, legs-up, Dakota pile-driving into his musclebutt, Ty grunting and flexing and begging and talking shit as Dakota is slamming in and out of his spread-open musclebutt with the force of a Mack truck. And when Dakota dumps his load, gobs of spunk drips down from Ty's sweaty nuts to his just-fucked asshole, cum (lots of cum) dripping all over the twitching hole. Ty then yanks out a gallon of cum. Incredible. Just incredible!

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