♺ Albert Victor & Uncle John

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-02-23 |
Albert Victor is playing a con man who has just been arrested. He's brought into the inspector's office (played by Uncle John). The inspector reads him the charges and tells Albert to put his personal belongings in the basket sitting on the table. When Albert pulls out a bottle of poppers and condoms and puts them on the table, the inspector gives him a curious look. "I was on my way to a party, "Albert offers in a thick Italian accent. "Is there anything else you have to tell me?" the inspector asks. But before Albert can really answer, the inspector decides that this dark-haired con man needs to be strip searched. Albert strips down to his red jockstrap and then pauses. "The jockstrap, too," the inspector says. And Albert tells him if he wants the jockstrap removed he'll have to do it himself. The inspector slides Albert's jockstrap down his hairy thighs, releasing the con man's stiff, uncut cock. Then the cop squats down and inspects Alberts fuck hole. He spits between Albert's cheeks and starts fingering his hole: "I'd hate for you to miss out on all the fun at the party," he says sliding his finger inside. Now this is the kind of strip search I wouldn't mind being subjected to. From there, the guys swap blowjobs and rimjobs, and then, the inspector bends Albert over the table and fucks him for the rest of the movie. And I have to say that Albert Victor shoots one amazing cumshot. It's a big, thick, vigorous load and I had to show it to you four times. Got to give it to you from every angle!
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