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[Buckshot] Rumper Room

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Description(Got a re-seed request for the DVD--sorry don't have it, but I do have this mkv version)

Rumper Room
distributor Buckshot Productions released 2010 length 9
studio Buckshot Productions
rating out of 4 ***

director Kristofer Weston
Benjamin Bradley
Brandon Lewis
Damon Audigier
David Stone (10s)
Jake Lyons
John Magnum
Mario Costa
Rob Ryder (us)

Young, hung and full of... fun! A night of video gaming with the boys turns into a night of all-out fun and games. With joysticks in hand, the boys of Buckshot sure do love to play. Director Kristofer Weston invites you to come and join in on the fun in Rumper Room.
scenes /

Mario Costa OrAt, Damon Audigier OgAb

Brandon Lewis OgrAt, Jake Lyons OgrAb

John Magnum OrAtRg, Benjamin Bradley OgAbRr

David Stone (10s) OrgAtRg, Rob Ryder (us) OgrAbRr

O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
reviews From ManNet

Nintendo as a jumping off place for gay porn? Sure, why not (and I won't make the obvious joystick reference).
Eight hot, young, gorgeous young men grace this flick, none any hotter than the two who get things started, Mario Costa and Damon Audigier. The "Rumper" room of the title is where things all get started, and Mario and Damon actually find out that Mario's weewee is more fun than Nintendo's Wii. The two repair to a private bedroom where Damon finds out soon enough that Mario is hung like a horse, and isn't that easy to get all the way down his throat, but, boy, does he even man-up and get the job done. Mario, meanwhile, has designs on Damon's inviting, fuckable ass, licking it all over and getting it ready. When Mario finally slides his cock into Damon, it isn't the easiest thing in the world, but once again Damon lives up to the challenge, although he can't help making some noise that sounds like he's struggling with it. There is one absolutely awesome shot of Damon on his back, Mario's cock stuffed in his ass, but that is just one of many, including Damon's slow, huge cum-shot, which erupts while Mario is inside him.
Brandon Lewis and Jake Lyons are still back hanging out and playing games together, but Jake's dick hanging out of his thermal longjohns is too big a distraction, and before long the two studs are finishing up the game with the usual "you lost, now suck my dick" action. After a hot round of oral reciprocation, Jake's ass gets totally pounded, and Brandon's very nicely-shaped dick does the penetration beautifully. In this scene, there's an almost unbelievable sex trick these guys do: facing away from Jake, Brandon fucks him while Jake almost stands on his head. Who says video games lead to physical unfitness?
John Magnum and Benjamin Bradley arrive with a new game only to find that the Wii is already in use, so they decide to wait it out by going to another room and fucking. Benjamin seems to truly get off on John's muscles, especially his bubble-butt and long, hot cock. Then John gets off on Benjamin's own amazing ass, digging into with his tongue and laving it completely. John fucks Benjamin, plowing him from behind, while Benjamin strokes his erection just below. The two switch to missionary, John pile-driving Benjamin while Benjamin keeps on stroking. Benjamin blasts off, and John doesn't let up for a second, even fucking the stud harder while he cums.
Meanwhile, the two who are hogging the video game, David Stone and Rob Ryder, are two blondies who are so competitive that they resort to cheating to win. Rob's jockstrap comes into view and David is hooked, game forgotten. Rob swallows David all the way to the balls, then David reciprocates. David puts Rob on all-fours, which shows off his furry asscrack and tight pucker perfectly, and then he tongue-fucks his buddy, pulling back to see just how wet he's getting his hole. David fucks Rob doggy, slowly driving into his tiny hole until Rob is ready for more. By the end, Rob is sitting on David, planting himself firmly over his cock while David drives into him from below. Rob shoots his load all over David's chest and belly.
When they come out with a Wii version of that game, let me know.
DVD features: Chapters; widescreen; cum-shots chapter; gallery; trailers ("Lotus," "Curious," "Beg For It," "Boy Country" and "Ripped"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( http://www.ManNet.com )
*** Highly Recommended ***
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