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Original upload: 2015-10-16 |
3 videos from LatinBoyz, it's all about Rascal today:

1. Rascal (Solo)

18 year old Rascal is from Compton, CA and is a bit of a mystery man. He wouldn't tell us if he was straight, gay or bi but did mention that he likes having sex in public places and shooting his load on people's faces so we're sure there's hope for him yet!

He likes to wrestle and swim, which keeps him in great shape. He as a nice thick uncut mexican verga that he loves to use every chance he gets. We just want to know who he uses it with.

Birthdate: April 2nd (Aries);
Height: 5ft 9 inches (167 centimeters);
Weight: 135 lbs. (61 kilograms);
Dick: 7.5" uncut (20 centimeters).

2. Rascal (2nd Solo)

Age 19 – Height 5′ 9″ – Weight 140 lbs. – Mexican-American.

19 year old Rascal is back and looking hotter than when we first met him a year ago. When he told us he wanted to do a new photo shoot we said sure but on one condition… He has to show of more of his sexy furry butt this time.

He also did a broke straight LatinBoyz video for us which was the first time he had ever let a guy suck him off. He admitted he liked it and has let a few other guys suck him off on the down low but still hasn’t fucked a guy.

3. Eric and Rascal (Oral Sex)

Eric contacted us asking if he could try to seduce straight model Rascal because he really loved Rascal's hot body and really wanted to suck his Mexican uncut cock! We hit up Rascal who was hesitant at first but agreed for the right amount of cash as long as he didn't have to do any gay stuff and just get his dick sucked off.
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