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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-02-07 |

RELEASE DATE: 01/24/10

Steven Richards  Tyler Dee  Rock Bottom  Luke Warm  Tommy Blair  Frank Fatone

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Scene 1: TYLER
It didn't take long before we were able to get Tyler Dee back to get his virgin hole stretched and filled with our Satyr juice. Tyler is a straight married guy who has found himself in these times to be desperate for cash.

We, at Satyr, ever the charitable guys that we are decided to help this straight stud in need. We, of course, were willing to help him in return for a little bit of male hole punching.

Tyler has a really sweet hole. It was obvious to us that his little sphinchter had never known the beauty of having a big, fat cock plowing its way through. Rock introduced his manmeat to Tyler in a previous throatfucking scene where it was pretty apparent that Tyler had not had a cock down his throat either.

As a warm-up exercise, Rock re-introduced Tyler to the art of getting throatfucked again. Tyler was slightly better at it this time but it will take a lot more practice before he can take Rock down to the balls.

Rock greased up Tyler's hole and proceeded to stretch it to the point of getting three fingers in there. Tyler's manhole resisted at best it could but to no avail. Rock plowed him really good until at times Tyler's hole begins to gape from the ass assault.

Near the end Rock was even able to get all four fingers and a thumb into Tyler's fuck hole and then proceeds to fill him up with a thick, creamy load of hot cum.

Maybe we will fist fuck Tyler next time we see him, we are sure that he could use the money. Until next time Tyler say hello to your wife!

Scene 2: STEVEN
Steven is a married guy who has a wife and two kids. He finds himself at this point in his life where he has tried it all. All except getting throatfucked and fucked by a man. So, he agreed that his first time would be with us.

Steven has a big, nine inch cock that has probably seen a lot of pussy in its day. But his throat and ass have not seen a cock until today.

Steven does the best he can trying to take our Satyr cock down his throat. His mouth is just unable to relax enough to take all of Rock. Ever the dutiful throatfucker Rock pumps and pumps Steven's throat to try and get that last inch inside of him. Unable to really make good use of his Steven's mouth, Rock switches over to Steven's hole. Steven squirms with every finger that goes inside of him and makes a slight jump when Rock shoves his cock deep inside him.

With every thrust of his hips, Rock pushes deeper and deeper into Steven. It is pretty obvious that this is Steven's first time assuming the position that his wife has had all of these years.

Rock finally shoots a load deep inside of Steven's manhole who can finally say he has tried it all. For a straight guy having a man inside of you and shooting his cum deep inside your fuck hole is the ultimate experience.

Scene 3:  ROCK
Rock is finally met his match. Frank is a hot, straight guy with a thick, 9-inch cock. Frank works for a government agency that shall remain nameless. Frank has a girlfriend who of course is completely clueless that he has decided that he wants to fuck men. We, Satyrs, got a hold of him for his first ever fuck session with a man.

Having sex with a man is completely new to Frank, but Rock is probably the best choice for his first mansex experience. Rock really knows how to take a cock like a man.

Frank proceeded to throatfuck Rock really hard. Rock is gasping and gurgling on Frank's thick monster as best he can. He gets Rock to the edge of the bed where he continues the throatfucking shoving his cock all the way down Rock's throat.

It is amazing to see all 9 inches disappear into Rock's throat, which is swelling, from the 2-inch rod filling him up. Frank then flips Rock over and fucks him balls deep. Frank then grabs a rope and ties Rock's hands behind his back. Rock is helpless as the ass assault continues thrust after thrust.

Rock then rides Frank's huge swollen member taking it from bow to stern. Frank then shoots a huge load into Rock's quivering manhole. He pushes the Satyr juice deep inside Rock. Rock is left cumfilled and exhausted once again.

Scene 4:  TOMMY 3 WAY
Straight boy Tommy Blair is hanging like a piece of meat in the Satyr Dungeon. He is spinning back and forth unaware of the pounding his throat and hole are about to receive. Luke Warm comes in and wastes no time in shoving his fat cock down Tommy's throat. Tommy gags and spits up the energy drink he had earlier trying to calm his nerves. Tommy's girlfriend is waiting in the car outside unaware of the assault Tommy is receiving just a few feet away.

Rock comes in and proceeds to do his signature throatfucking on Tommy's straight throat. Tommy is a gay for pay kid from Kentucky who because he is in constant need of money offers his straight throat and hole to our resident Satyrs. The fact that he is straight seems to make our Satyr's cocks throb harder and appear even more eager to fill him to capacity with their man meat.

Luke carries Tommy over to the fuck swing. Rock and Luke fill both ends with over 14 inches of Satyr cock. Tommy squirms and attempts to get away from the two monsters going into his throat and butt hole at the same time. But to no avail, he has agreed to be but a fuck tool to these two studs.

Tommy is then flipped over onto his stomach where Rock and Luke continue to plow away without restraint. Tommy is exhausted from the ramrods going in out of his fuckholes. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is outside reading a romance novel while poor little Tommy is fucked silly.

At various times, Tommy's hole gapes to the size of a half-dollar. He dutifully allows himself to be used like the piece of meat that he is so that he can keep his clueless girlfriend happy.

Tommy gets a continued pounding on the sex table. He whimpers in pain as the two Satyrs puncture his holes from both ends.

The guys take Tommy over to the showers where Rock fills his own rectum with a litre of water and proceeds to fill Tommy's throat with it. Tommy gurgles and gasps for air as he is literally gargling on a Rock's butt enema. Luke continues to fuck Tommy and finally the two studs shoots their thick loads into Tommy's gaping manhole. The Satyr juice oozes out ever so slowly as Tommy finally has earned his money for his girlfriend. This guy must really love this girl to endure this anal assault.

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