♺ All Worlds Video - Passions of War 4 - MANEUVERS

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-11-14 |

Cast:  Alfredo Castaldo, Andreas Harris, Antonio Cardigan, Austin Rogers, Axel Anderson, Claudio Antonelli, Enrique Gardinelli, Evan Rochelle, Fredy Costa, Glen Santoro, Ken Spencer, Kevin Cage

Director:  Eugene

From the press notes, courtesy of All Worlds Video:
"The military meat of Eastern Europe are on maneuvers and some new recruits are sure to help fire up the troops in the fourth installment in the Passions of War series.

After drilling the troops and taking them on a long run, Ken Spencer and Andreas Harris decide they want to take the new sergeant, Glen Santoro, for a ride. Andreas is the first one to spread his cheeks for Glen. Once he's had enough of Andreas' tight hole Glen steps aside to see what Ken can do. After taking turns pounding on Andreas' ass, Glen lays back and lets the troops service his hot cock until all three of them blow their creamy loads.

While playing war games Claudio Antonelli, Austin Rogers, Andreas Harris and Antonio Carrigan take a break and waste no time getting started fucking. The four studs take turns pounding each other holes in every position possible until ass has had it's fill of rock hard cock.

To get out of doing drills muscle boy Enrique Gardinelli fakes an injury and gets sent back to camp with Evan Rochelle and Axel Anderson. The plan works and on the way back the studs take a break so that Enrique and Axel can take turns slurping down Evan's big cock. Little do they know the Sgt. Santoro was on to their little plan and followed along so he could fuck Enrique's hot hole.

In the end it's new recruit Antonio Carrigan who stirs things up when he slips something into Sgt. Santoro's drink. Kevin Cage and Fredy Costa know they are fucked now, so they drag Antonio off so they can take it out on his ass and then dump their hot loads on him for good measure. Knowing that they are going to have to face the wrath of Sgt. Santoro, Kevin and Fredy abandon the army and leave Antonio to stroke his gooey load out all alone."

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