Manifest Men - Mitchell Palm Springs Idyll

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It is mighty hot inside this Palm Springs living room lit only by flickering candles and a blazing hearth fire, Mitchell Rock relaxes with a cocktail. Soon, Mitchell is stripped to his briefs to display his perfect body, from his powerful pecs to his thick legs. The fire within grows and Mitchell Rock goes from rubbing his bulging crotch to stripping down and standing naked by the fire. Completely hard he gazes into a nearby mirror watching his muscles flex as he strokes his cock. As much as Mitchell Rock lets the pleasure build and he extends the pleasure of stroking his cock and flexing his body all the while transfixed by his own reflection. At last, with muscles pumped and veins bulging Mitchell Rock lets loose--pumping out his thick load over his quads as he milks cock dry.

2011-06-11 17:46:08
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