Brute Vs Bolt

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionThe first time Bolt saw Brute, he was wanting to be taught how to wrestle like a pro. Brute was pissed that such a small guy thought he could wrestle in a ring like a pro, and he absolutely destroyed him. Well Bolt is back and this time they get to be in the ring! Bolt’s trash talking Brute, saying he looks much smaller than the last time, he thinks he stands a chance at beating him up this time around. The ring is Brute’s domain though, and he is no mood to hear any shit from Bolt. Brute wastes no time, he kicks Bolt who doubles over mid sentence, and then starts his barrage. Throwing him against the ropes and flipping him over backwards in a body slam. Brute crawls on top of Bolt and wraps his massive arms around Bolts small neck, and starts choking the life out of him. Bolt quickly passes out, and Brute is happy to have some silence. He walks around checking to make sure Bolt is out. He’s pretty excited, he’s been in a fowl mood and now he gets to play around and torment the little guy Bolt in the ring. He shakes Bolt back awake, he’s just getting started. He makes Bolt scream in pain a bunch before mounting him atop of the corner post where he starts to slam Bolts face. He then climbs up behind him and starts crushing him in a bearhug while Bolt’s tied up and stuck in the ropes. Brute throws the crushed Bolt down to the mat where he collapses like a rag doll. Bolt’s breathing is getting heavy and labored, he’s in shock at the intense barrage Brute’s laying down on him. Brute wraps Bolt up into another sleeper and starts choking him out again. Bolt’s struggling for breath and tries to talk back, but Brute’s having none of it, he just quickly shakes the rest of the life from Bolt. Once Bolt’s gone limp in his arms he squeezes and shakes Bolt a few more times to be sure. Bolt’s out cold yet again, and the fire in Brute’s eyes is still blazing. Bolt’s gotten himself into quite the intensive match by challenging Brute a second time. How many times will Brute put him to sleep before he’s finally satisfied?
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