AWOL Marines • Daily Series Pack 10

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Infamous Bobby Garcia entices hot, straight marines from Camp Pendleton to get off on camera!  After some quiet negotiation, most are willing to let him jack them off or give them head.  Beer, poppers, porn and cash are his currency, and he is rewarded with some of the hottest real amateur sex video you'll ever see. The lighting and video quality vary quite a bit, so don't expect HD quality and models in makeup.

If you're into straight military gay-for-pay, this guy's work is the Holy Grail!

Contents of this pack:

AWOL-0170.avi 78.52 MB
AWOL-0171.avi 98.57 MB
AWOL-0172.avi 83.38 MB
AWOL-0173.avi 101.77 MB
AWOL-0174.avi 54.77 MB
AWOL-0175.avi 96.28 MB
AWOL-0176.avi 68.84 MB
AWOL-0177.avi 73.35 MB
AWOL-0178.avi 130.98 MB
AWOL-0179.avi 49.41 MB
AWOL-0180.avi 135.63 MB
AWOL-0181.avi 66.39 MB
AWOL-0182.avi 118.06 MB
AWOL-0183.avi 109.33 MB
AWOL-0184.avi 101.12 MB
AWOL-0185.avi 96.59 MB
AWOL-0186.avi 127.13 MB
AWOL-0187.avi 38.92 MB
AWOL-0188.avi 100.24 MB
AWOL-0189.avi 115.54 MB
AWOL-0190.avi 95.83 MB

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