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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-05 |
I had had this ready to upload 2 days then it was already posted here.

I cannot say where he got his but I got mine from an well known distributor (not to be named for obvious reasons).

It would not be a dupe though as I've got it in a different format: AVI-XVID, the universal format that will play in any player PLUS this one is indexed which means you can parse through it to any scene you wish.

But I since I do have respect so I held on to it before I upped it and let the poster here get his just points, etc. It is only right as every upload deserves credit for any effort.

As for the flick, I have a little quirk (actually a fetish) for slender guys in white belts (I know notwhy!) and this one definitely fits the bill.

This one came out very nice too after recode, so if you had downloaded the other one, you may wish to get this and compare.

I do not wish to boast too much however, so I will let the file speak for itself.

However,if you would like a preview of what you are getting, you can view the trailer I made from this file, streamed from my own site here: hxxp://tinyurl.com/kyds-nova-prvw-stream

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



Kyd Stuf AKA Kyd Stuff [Nova Films-Nebula Video-Bijou]


hxxp://www.pornwatcher.org/Studios/NovaSummary.html (index only)
hxxp://www.alanevideo.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3165 (index only)


Six vignettes. Young studs gettin' down in a variety of situations. Never before released on videotape or DVD!

Kyd Stuf. I think the phrase was popularized recently in TV ads for hair cream. In our case, however, whether it's greasy or slicked-up with spit, the results are definitely not for PBS. Although it is prime meat well-suited to prime time and just the thing for refreshing, stimulating viewing when the time is right. That's KYD STUF.

Actually this series is in answer to your many requests that we center a group of films around that smooth, sweet, youthful look. We have. And the results are smooth as silk, soft and downy, sweet as fresh cream and just full of spunk. We hope they please you.

This time out most of our actors are new faces. Aside from Jeremy Scott ( the hot younger brother from BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU and many theatrical films) and Toby Watson (who's come up from DOWN ON THE FARM) wit whom we just had to do more work all of the other youngsters are making their film debuts and are as fresh as Irish Spring. We want to especially call your attention to Buddy Hill, T.J. Morgan, Scott Johnson and Hans Mueller. We feel that these fellows are special and we anticipate being able to show you much more of them in the near future.

Anyway, Here's KYD STUF and these kids really can do some good stuffing - stuffing their pants, stuffing their shorts, stuffing their jocks and stuffing their underwear; stuffing warm, wet mouths; and stuffing hot, sweating butts. The kids do their stuff giving us the stuff from which hard, hot, heady films are made.


1. Pocket Pool
Jeremy Scott, Toby Watson

When Jeremy invites Toby over for a game of pool, he has other indoor sports in mind as well. Soon clicking balls give way to bouncing balls as pool cues are dropped in favor of hard rods that pump and plunge, plundering assholes and mouths until tightened balls release pent-up juices.

2. Kissin' Cousins
Tad Wilson, Jerry Mason

Tad comes up from the country to visit his cousin Jerry and soon the two boys are busily checking out the changes in each other - who has grown the most; who is best at arm wrestling; who had the largest cock; and, of course, who is the best sex. It comes out a very hot tie.

3. Shootin' Baskets
Buddy Hill, Mark Montoya

Buddy's job as cleanup boy for the high-school basket ball team gets him into interesting and rewarding situations - especially when one of the team members stays late to polish his shooting technique. Mark, and Buddy, too, get quite a workout at both young fellows get down to a hard game of heavy scoring.

4. Cleanin' Up
T.J. Morgan, Gerry Hart

Bored with waiting for his dad to get back to the office, Gerry wanders out into the carpentry shop. Boredom dissolves, however, when Gerry spots Hunky T.J. cleaning up the shop. When T.J. responds to Gerry's flirting with a hard thick cock, Gerry begins performing tricks that make both young guys very happy.

5. Big Payoff AKA The Big Payoff
Hans Mueller, Joel Thoms

Joel meets the hot looking paperboy making his collections and invites him in for a relaxing swim. When Joel gets a closer look at Hans' terrific body, thoughts of relaxing vanish and Joel happily discovers just what Hans can really deliver - and it's all very good, very hot news.
Found in collection Blue Vanities Tape 233 hxxp://www.wtule.net/v24617.html

6. An Anatomy Lesson
Scott Johnson, Jody Halston

Scott drags Jody back to the classroom to settle an argument about which muscle is which. Neither boy has any problem, however, knowing where his "love-muscle" is located. It's even less of a problem about how to use it as they get down to a hard, passionate anatomy demonstration that isn't in any textbook.

Stars: Buddy Hill, Gerry Hart, Hans Mueller, Jeremy Scott, Jerry Mason, Jody Halston, Joel Thoms, Mark Montoya, Scott Johnson, T.J. Morgan, Tad Wilson, Toby Watson

Directors: various

Released: 1981


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