Austin`s Beach Buddies

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DescriptionJoin what will be start of Cobra's Annual Fourth of July Beach party at Rehoboth Beach with our baby faced, cutie Austin (check him out in October's Allboy Magazine) and his new squeeze Justin, along with Kaipo, Tyler, Devon and Jonathan, as they hit the cool surf, and the hot sheets. The Cobraboyz know how to have fun in the sun and they can't wait to show off their tan lines for you. Look for hot solos from Kaipo and Devon, and 3 steamy bareback scenes in both couples and 3way action. So come join us this winter at the Beach, the boyz will keep your warm, swimsuits are optional.

Without a doubt, this will be one of the best Twink videos you will ever purchase. Six scenes spanning almost two full hours encompass everything you could want in a hardcore gay video!

Cobra Video scores a perfect 5 from me with their headliner, Austin Sterling, and his cast of hottiebois prancing around the Atlantic Coast of Delaware, savoring and enjoying all the great physical attributes of each other in a beach town, (Rehoboth), fast becoming the Gay Summer Vacation Mecca.

Scene 1 one has Hawaiian boy Kaipo going solo for us. He speaks directly to you as he works his handsome post to great wood and a marvelous spooge that he then proceeds to lick from the balconies' sliding glass door.

Scene 2 gives us Austin Sterling, his new boy Justin (he's hot, guys), and Kaipo. The three have just returned from the beach and a quick game of spin-the-bottle ensues. Justin wins and gets great head from both Austin & Kaipo as he urges them on. Then Austin gets to face fuck Justin while Kaipo keeps at Justin's hot pole. A three way sixty-nine follows, then some hot face sucking, and finally Austin gets plowed by Justin while Kaipo runs his beautiful pucker over Austin's hot mouth and tongue. Austin is in heaven in this scene and he begs Justin to fuck harder and rougher. Wow!!! What a great scene. The guys finish with terrific loads ending up perfectly on Austin's hot abs. Then it's back to the beach to scope the lifeguards.

Scene 3 introduces us to newcomer Devon. He's a hot blond, tall and lean with a great cock and a beautiful bum. Devon works his body while in the shower and pays particular attention to his perfect bone. Once finished in the shower, Devon steps to the vanity, hops up on top, and rubs out a volcano of boy cream, then gently massages his spooge into his tanned and toned body. You're gonna like this guy, fellas, trust me.

Scene 4 brings Kaipo and Devon back to Kaipo's room for some fooling around. Devon gets right to the business and blows Kaipo like we would all like to be blown. Devon stuffs Kaipo's hot cock deep in his mouth, he suckles the perfect head with his lips and tongue, he finger fucks Kaipo's hot ass, and he jerks Kaipo off to a great load, all the while asking if it feels good. Once Kaipo has released his seed, Devon goes back down on Kaipo's bone and licks the spooge from his abs. What a great j/o scene between these two guys!!!

Scene 5 introduces us to Tyler and Jonathan, along with Devon, for a terrific three way. Tyler and Devon strip and jump on the bed. Jonathan is last to disrobe and he ends up servicing the other two boys, first. Then, as Jonathan concentrates on Tyler's hard on, Tyler goes for Devon's willy. There is so much to this scene, it's hard to relate all of it in this review. You gotta see it!!! Jonathan does Tyler and Devon, Jonathan does Tyler while Tyler does Devon, Jonathan gets face fucked by Devon while Tyler gives Jonathan the best blow job your gonna see. Everybody gets blown, everybody gets rimmed, and then Devon gets to plow Jonathan while Tyler caresses Jonathan. Devon then mounts Tyler for Tyler's indoctrination to anal penetration, asking Tyler how he likes getting fucked for the first time. Tyler's moans and gasps explain just how much he's into it. After a good fuck, Devon cums on Tyler's hot ass. Then Tyler mounts Jonathan, missionary, and fucks the young mans spooge right out of him. Jonathan cums at the exact same time and you will be impressed with the velocity of Tyler's nut as it spurts over Jonathan's shoulders. The guys kiss, caress and laugh over what a good time they just had and then it's back to the beach. This is one of the best three ways of young guys you're gonna find anywhere!!!

Scene 6, the final scene, is the best of the bunch. Justin arrives back at the condo. He's looking for Austin, but Austin doesn't answer his calls. Justin relaxes on the couch with a copy of Allboy. He admires the models and works his wood into a perfect hard on. Austin, all the while in the shower, sneaks in and catches his lover with the skin mag. They kiss, boy do they kiss. Then Austin goes down on his lover and deep throats Justin's' marvelous boner. Austin then asks to be serviced and Justin very willingly obliges. Justin blows Austin with all the expertise that Austin just showed on Justin's bone. Austin asks Justin to work his tongue and tongue piercing on Austin's balls. Justin gladly does. Then, Justin asks Austin if he can fuck him and Austin's reply is, 'Only if I can do you first!'. With a slight bit of hesitation, Justin agrees and Austin proceeds to fuck Justin, (a virgin in the bum arena, until now), in a scene that is the best love making you're gonna see, bar none. Austin does Justin slow and steady, fast and furious, long and deep. It's unbelievable. You're gonna wank over this one, time and time again, I did! I still do! Justin gets his chance at Austin's hottieboi body and he fucks Austin in a most interesting position. Austin's lies with his back on the floor, he raises his legs up and rolls them over his shoulders. Justin mounts him from behind and Austin can watch as Justin's perfect rod penetrates Austin's hot ass. Austin even manages a little of his own tongue on his own dick. Justin rolls Austin onto all fours and gives hit to him from behind, Austin continuing to ask for more, and harder. Wow!!! Then Austin gets his second chance at Justin's 'now not so virgin hole'. This is the hottest scene of any video I have ever reviewed or owned. Austin skewers Justin missionary and Justin loves every minute of it. He asks to be fucked over and over, he calls out Austin's name in the heat of passion and pleasure. He coaxes Austin with his begs and Austin puts a really great load right on Justin's belly. Then Austin coaxes a great load out of Justin by wanking him, but good.

This video is worth every penny, probably worth a whole lot more. The videography is top notch professional, the close ups are gonna 'wood you up' quick. The dialogue is casual, but believable, it's not too rehearsed or animated. The acting, if that's what we're gonna call it, is first rate. The stars are fuckin' beautiful, the scenery is great, and I'm gonna go watch it, again, right now!

Austin, Tyler, Devon, Jonathan,  Kaipo,  Justin
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