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Vintage pre-condom bareback black hung guys fuck hard

Bfp Duo Series 2 Episodes 4 and 5

Black Forest Productions » Year Produced 1990

Starring: Brad Leatherwood, Ty Jones, Bobby Joe, Darryl Harris, Other

Episode Five: A white boss leaves Bobby Joe and Darryl Harris to a wall-painting job. Bobby's butt in blue denim cut-offs catches Darryl's eye. That fabric sure creeps deep into that tight crack. Darryl's dick pops out of a hole in his crotch, and he starts fingering the flue. Bobby fondles Darryl's boner, rips some easier access to it, and sucks a-plenty! Darryl's dick is so big, and so thick at its base, the most ambitious mouth couldn't eat it all. But its' shaped just right to open an asshole more and more as it goes deeper in. "Soft, hard, tight, hot, cherry," Darryl mutters, fingering Bobby's butt. He spreads Bobby like a turkey and watches as grinning Bobby greases his hole. When Darryl rams curved cock into it, Bobby's feet wave in pleasure. The guys don't care what difficult positions they must take to get Darryl deeper into Bobby. Once it's all in and that hole is mushy-slushy, Darryl can drive, and does he ever! Grease makes wonderful , disgusting sounds. Sweat, grease, and cum cover them.

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