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DescriptionEven the opening sequence is clever. The men are all clothed in matching jeans and black shirts, doing all that they will be doing later, grabbing at crotches, sucking, rimming, fucking, but all of it a mock. The camera swoops through the crowd as each man turns to smile briefly for his intro. Once that is done, Carlos Morales whips off his shirt and the body brigade has begun. Tom Vacarro is on his nipples and chest before the shirt comes off, and the rest of the guys are tumbling around meeting each other in the darkest orgiastic way.

Once they are all nude, and all of their obscenely big dicks abound, there are plenty of probing mouths to handle those cocks. Honest, when all the guys are on the screen, it doesn't much matter who is doing what to whom. In fact, the camera often doesn't show a face up close, or the head attached to a body. It doesn't matter. The action itself matters and Ward seems to know when a facial close-up would interfere with that. You can catch glimpses of beautiful work. Blond chiseled goateed hottie Riley Porter is sucked by Tom, with Rik Jammer slurping down Tom's cock. Big-chested Latin god Tony Serrano is rimming like nobody's business. Hairy cleft-chinned Bruce Jennings shows off nice talent blowing Tom. Fyrefli shows off a Prince Albert, Tom and Riley share the beautiful Carlos as he gorges himself on Tony. And on and on. This all happens in mere moments, with aggression as the main word, talent only a hair behind.

Giving the other guys a rest, Tony and Rik take some solo time. Tony bites Rik's nipples hard, pulling them to full hardness. After some brutal tongue kissing, Tony eats out of Rik's ass. His shadowed face is deep inside Rik's shaved butt, his tongue going as far in as possible. He toys a lot with poking his cockhead into Rik's ass (a major theme of this epic), but finally he puts on a condom and fucks Rik for real. With one slip, he's in, and off to a spirited fuck. Rik can certainly take a lot, so motivated Tony gives it to him. The close-ups are gorgeous, showing the ease of accessibility into Rik's ass. After a good fuck, Tony cums right up Rik's back, the cum sliding down into his asscrack.

The next vignette (although they all blend together as part of one big orgy) has Tony and Tom munching on the luscious asses of Riley and Bruce. Tony laps up at the ass, his tongue piercing tickling with abandon. Tom is more tender, prying Bruce's cheeks wide apart and using his whole face, beard included. They pause to kiss a moment and then it's back to their chores. Carlos appears, the butt to die for in this orgy, and Tom takes to it like a magnet. Tony gets to handle Riley and Bruce both.

Flash to Riley and Fyrefli alone. Riley licks around Fyrefli's pit and they touch and grabs lots. Fyrefli then licks to the extreme in Riley's ass. Note the moment when Fyrefli grabs onto Riley's body to anchor him, shoving in more and more face. It's small seconds like this that increase the lust quotient magnificently. It creates deep chemistry, seemingly real desire on the part of the models. Fyrefli then pokes his dick around Riley's white and ready ass, the head awfully close to being sucked in. Soon enough, Fyrefli does the job all the way, and once he finds a rhythm, he's a major force. He's a strong man, and so is Riley, providing a bulwark body to soak in all those deep thrusts from Fyrefli. Fyrefli is responsible for an excellent smash-fuck, with loads of hot full in-and-out shots.

The septet returns en masse for a while. While Fyrefli and Riley 69 a bit and Tom eats more of Carlos' ass. Tom seems to be challenging himself to constantly top his own rimjobs. Tony gets his face soaking wet from doing the same to Riley, who is blowing Bruce feverishly. A few mutations find Tony teasing Bruce and Riley, stacked on top of each other. Both bottoms then lay on their backs, legs hoisted into the air, and Tony gets his scene-stealing moment. First, he fucks Bruce. He starts slow, with each thrust gently pushing an inch more of his long cock into Bruce. He then unleashes a torrent of solid volley thrusts, tirelessly hitting Bruce with no end in sight. Bruce cums being fucked, but Tony is far from done. He fucks Bruce a long while until he turns his head to notice Riley, legs still up in the air. Here, even after doing Bruce, Tony has more energy than ten men, sprinting away into Riley, turning in his best fuck (and he's the most solid top on display in "NeXus"). He pulls out nastiness, pushing at Riley harshly. Just when mortals would be giving up, Tony the Tireless has Riley sit on his cock. Riley rides up and down with such energetic speed you wouldn't think there is a friction-providing dick in his ass! Riley's most impressive ride ends only when he cums.

Tony is the top in the next part of the scene as well. It starts, faces unseen, with a dick sliding into an ass, the bottom's dick as hard as the top's, twitching with every thrust. The ass and dick belong to Rik, cradled by Bruce, with Carlos a few feet away watching, waiting for his turn, no doubt. Tony's non-stop assault has another victim here in Rik. Carlos, intent on seeing the great fuck below him, is being rimmed by Tom (who can't seem to stay away from his ass), with Tony now blowing Fyrefli, pulling harshly at his Prince Albert. Things change again and Rik ends up fucking Carlos, using a handless fuck that is fairly easygoing considering the action around it. Meanwhile, Fyrefli is upside down, deep-throating Tom's gargantuan cock, with Tony still playing with his. Tony actually removes Fyrefli's piercing and continues the blowjob, leaving in his own tongue piercing, however. Carlos does a spiffy eager deep-throat of Tom, with Tony fucking the daylights out of him. Finally, the hardest working top and bottom are together. Sure, Fyrefli is fucking Rik as well, but the show is Tony and Carlos, and the camera knows it. Carlos is on all-fours, with Tony hitting him so hard that it sends Carlos' throat all the way down Tom's dick. If he couldn't deep-throat it naturally, he sure found a good way of doing it now. Pretty much everyone cums, with Tony spewing right in Carlos' crack.

Raging Stallion stalwart Tom Vacarro is allowed to end the orgy by fucking Carlos. From the onset, he rips into Carlos, a totally boundless performer with great hip-swiveling action. These are the types of fucks Chris Ward does so well. The sheer masculinity of their work is off the charts here, hairy Tom crashing into Carlos, who seems to tease by reacting as if he can always take something more. By the time Carlos ends up on his back, he actually seems impressed with the sheer stamina and force Tom has after all this action. This fuck is absolutely mammoth, ending only when Tom drops another load on Carlos, licking it all up so hotly. Carlos shoots for Tom to end the action.

*** INTERMISSION *** ("Hardcore" + "Raw") "Hardcore" stars Rik, Tom and Carlos, adding stunning tattooed Aaron Tanner to the mix. In the first scene, Rik starts all by himself. Bent over in half, his knees to his ears, he's lubing himself up and sticking fingers into his ass. With a growling intense look on his face, he's really prying himself apart, pulsing the insides of his ass for the camera, showing off his magnificent control. Fingers slide in easily enough, so Rik takes on a huge dildo next, a real thick one that stretches him to the absolute limit. What's left after the anal calisthenics of this dildo? Well, only a fist, of course. Rik has two of them, and one fits nicely into his pig ass. The camera stays focused on his ass and the session is darn hot.

However, why not let Rik get worked over by Tom Vacarro, who has displayed amazing abilities as a fisting top in previous efforts? Tom brings his customary elegance even to the nastiness of fisting, so he slips on a pretty blue glove and lets his hands take over. He's rather tender to his bottoms. Not delicate, mind you, but caring of their stretch. He works Rik slowly until almost without knowing it, his whole hand is in the ass. "Take it deep," Tom says, already inserted. Does it look like Rik is fighting it? Tom smoothes over the whole episode with slow pushes and pulls, maximizing every moment, even grabbing on to Rik's balls to give more sensation. The long scene sees a position change with Rik on his head, butt in the air, Tom sinking his fist into the butt. "Let it drop in there," Tom says soothingly, and Rik, again, doesn't argue. The position is wonderful, Tom masterful, and Rik is seemingly in glory soaking in the gloved hand.

Carlos is up next, and from oodles of filmed experience, we know we have nothing to worry about. Aaron starts him off with what looks to be a multi-foot dildo, well-lubed. Aaron tentatively fits it into Carlos' ass, the tension evident by the shaking of the rubber. Carlos gyrates his body around the dildo to make the session as pretty as it is hardcore. His ass knows no bounds for the dildo, so the fist has to be next. Aaron first glops a mountain of lube into Carlos' ass and then squeezes in his knuckles with no problem. Carlos is as cool as can be, none of the heavy panting or wide-eyed glare of so many other performers. He seems as comfortable as he would be reading the newspaper. In fact, he takes plenty of time to pay attention to the rest of his body, flexing his arms, legs and abs to tease the viewer even more. Once Aaron has his entire fist in Carlos' butt, I suspect he sets a world record for the amount of time it stays in there. We're talking minutes. It doesn't come out at all. He's punching internally with it, that you can see, but the glove stays disappeared. With Aaron still lodged in his ass, Carlos turns his body over, onto all-fours, and Aaron still doesn't pull out. This is a totally different fist-fuck than Rik got and if you think that all fisting is the same, "NeXus" surely disproves that. When Aaron finally does pull out, Carlos looks so comfortable they might as well start Round 2. And they do! Aaron punches, Carlos gyrates and stands up. And, when Aaron shirks the glove, he still isn't done! He plays more and more with Carlos' abused hole, prying it all apart with his fingers.

"Raw" is footage from the main scene of "NeXus" taken by a second camera, billed here as an "experimental special feature." The footage is gorgeously shot, with wonderful angles, looking every bit as professional as what we saw with the main camera.

"NeXus" is positively colossal. You wouldn't think that with seven guys (eight including the "Hardcore" section), no plot and only one set. However, when you boil any porn flick down to its elements, it's the sex that's important, and the sex sustains through two long potent segments. There isn't a performer here who doesn't find time to dazzle. Old favorites Tom Vacarro and Carlos Morales certainly put their stamp on things, but it's Tony Serrano who is trusted with a great deal of screen time, all of it thrilling. I can't wait to see how Ward & Co. top themselves with the third installment of the trilogy. The bar has been set so high already!

DVD features (two-disc set): Dolby digital sound; the full-length feature on Disc No. 1 (and the "Hardcore" and "Raw" segments on Disc No. 2); interactive menus (presented in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish); a generous scene-by-scene chapter breakdown (including special edits: orgy, rimming and fucking -- where only the selected category of footage is indexed for immediate viewing); trailers ("SeXus," "Gay Dreams," "FistPack One: Chris Ward's Extreme Penetration," "FistPack Two: Ass Masters" and "Raiders of the Lost Arse"), the uninterrupted and uncut version of J.D. Slater's "Sinfonia XX" music score in a stand-alone chapter (broken down into three movements: "Ten," "Evil Baby" and "Next"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
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