Bad B-Day 1& 2

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Bad B-Day

1-At Knut's-B-Day-Party, Momo and Blade met up after a long interval. Promptly they got in trouble, because they’re not that best friends. Knut tries to distinguish them but he failed. Quick as lightning, Momo takes the surprised Blade to the ground through a skillfully toss bombing. Momo was mad and Blade felt it on a painful way. Blade received a lot of punches and Momo's grips at his balls are also hard. Durng the fight Knut made sure that there are plenty of refreshments and refueled Momo with Beer. He got wilder because of the beer and dealed a lot of damage. Blade slightly demolished didn’t know how to help himself differently as to tear Momo's shorts. Momo, who is not that shy, is not that distracted by this. After every round he presented the audience with his naked body. He seemed to be a show-off because he posed all the time. But Momo created the impression that he enjoys to present his naked body in front of his friends. Knut threw a bucket of water onto the sweaty fighters to cool them down. But even this cold water could not split the forceful boys up. Shortly after the beginning of the second round Momo was able to tear the pants of his opponent. The fight went harder because the Holds got longer. Momo showed his worst site because he started to torture Blade with his hard Ballgraps, Ballsqeezing and Niple-Torture. Momo wanted to beat up Blade. Momo had any inhibitions and his hand was always searching for Blade’s cock or his testicles to torture him. Under this pretext Knut wanted to split the fighters up, because he thought that Blade was not able to bear this pain. He shouted out, that Blade’s girlfriend had an accident and that Blade had to go back home now. Blade ran away. Momo shouted at that the fight is going on the next day, because he didn’t finish his enemy. The next day Momo and Knut met up to tidy the party-location. Knut blamed Momo for crashing his birthday-party. A hard dispute began. Knut wanted to get Momo back for the crash of the party, so he wanted to fight at the attic. After reaching the attic, both of them undressed themselves. Then the fight started: Momo got Knut into a Front-Headlock and later into a HeadScissor. He grasped him so hard, that he was able to give Knut a big Wedgie. Momo used this great position to leather Knut’s ass. Momo continued the fight the same way like he stopped it the day before with Blade. Ballgrabs and CBT, which were very painful. Knut’s skinny shorts got torn, too. The second round was painfull as hell. Knut got into a Front Headlock of Momo, too. Later Momo was able to use his redoubtable Scissors to torture his new opponent. While Knut was unable to move, his enemy grasped his balls and rioted on them. Continuing with Bullypins and hard grasps, Knut wasn’t able to fight. He needed a break. So Momo took his short and fettered Knut’s hands on his back. He got the break.

2-Knut was allowed to take a break. Momo brought him a bottle of water because he should not collapse in case of this hard match. Fettered he sat on the ground, swallowing the water, which Momo threw him into his mouth. Perhaps you could think that Momo finished Knut in the first part, but this is totally wrong. He bundled his hands and his feet that Knut was something like a package. For sure Momo used this advantage to torture Knut. Schoolboypins with bitchslaps, Bullypins with cock to face actions and Momo¬ís favourite attack: the ¬ďCBT¬Ē. After Momo released Knut from his fetters, Knut tried to attack him. Angry, because of the past attacks, he tried to grasp Momo for revenge. But his enemy is just too strong and his upper legs, which are made of steel because of the soccer training, always clutch his body. Hereafter Knut was able to show his skill. But if Momo got started with his painful grasp between Knut¬ís legs, the chances of Knut recede. With a mix of Bullypins, Nipple Torture, Trampling and riding his muscles he tried to knock him out. With this painful attacks Knut is going to give up. Suddenly Blade arrived. He was in a good mood to fight and sure to beat up Momo because he had a hard fight before. But Momo is still full of power and started this fight in his well-known level. After a few seconds, he grasped Blade¬ís balls to continue the torture of the last day. The following Full-Nelson, Headlock and a very hard Wedgie were hard to handle for Blade. While Blade was in a Headscissor of Momo his enemy tore his pants. Because of the painful rituals of Momo Blade had to give up. Momo triumphed while he trampled on Blade

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