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Marino wields the total daddy look - big muscular body, hairy chest and manly torse, some facial stubble. His masculine demeanor makes a perfect foil to Mason, a smaller, younger blond who seems perfectly at ease being dominated by a real man.

Blakk takes one of his favorite themes, closeted "straight" guys, and spools out an interesting story that features four hot sexual episodes.

Why is Mason marrying Marino's daughter? Is the gay guy going out of his way to seduce a straight man? Is Marino straight, or gay anyways? Such are the questions not specifically in the story, which focuses instead on closeted fantiasies and first time gay sexual experiences. This is porn after all.

They have dinner, where Marino and Mason nervously agree to venturing on a fishing trip the following weekend.

Afterwards, Marino retires to his bedroom, where he fantasizes about two guys having sex in front of him. These are apparently regular imaginary characters, because they speak to him by name at several points.

Zackary Pierce (Rammer) seems to enjoy being watched in his sexual frolic with Tristan Mathews. Mathews pulls down Pierce's Calvin Klein underwear, pulling out his thick cock for a length blowjob.

Pierce seems to love having his knob slobbed, as well as his ass eaten. Mathews turns out to be a hot bottom. Pierce plows him hard doggie style, who kind of looks like a beefier brother to porn star Kyle Lewis.

Pierce pulls out and drops his big load of cum on Mathews' backside.

After this, Marino pulls out his porn stash, where he selects a DVD and pops it in his player. He proceeds to watch Mason, who is an on-screen porn star. He enjoys a one-on-one with straight-acting Levi, one of the "Men in Black" from The Porne Ultimatum.

Levi carries with him all the straight guy, gay-for-pay sensibilities popular in films today. The manly brunet loves getting his dick sucked and his ass eaten. Following some sixty-nining, Levi dons a condom and tops Mason doggie style. Mason looks very hot riding him on top. Mason shoots while still humping, followed by Levi's own sizeable moeny shot.

Watching this inspires Marino to jacking off, juicing the sheets of his bedspread.

Time passes, and Marino and Mason make their fishing trek into the country. As luck would have it, their pre-booked room at the lodge contains just one bed.

Elsewhere on the open road, Jordan Vaughn picks up a hitchhiker on the side of the road, the always easy on the eyes Tyler Riggz. Highway cruising and road trips frequently figures into Blakk's movies (Dare).

Before getting back in the highway, they decide to find an off the road tree to take a whizz. Simultaneous pissing leads to mutual boners. They are both undressed and sucking on each other's cocks.

Speaking of, Riggz wields a great, thick can of a dick. Leaning against a tree, Vaughn gives him a satisfying blowjob that seems to stretch the width limits of his mouth.

We have not seen Vaughn since he helped gangfuck the incarcerated Shane Rollins in Justice. He's developed a well-defined, muscular body (with shaved pubes) that takes him through a anal session with Riggz, who takes it up the butt on-screen for the first time.
He shoots a hot load of his straight cum onto Riggz's backside.

The movie concludes with the two main characters in bed, wearing just their underwear. Marino lays there wide awake tensely examing how to make his move on his future son in law who is spread out right there before him.

Their tender sexual encounter moves from timid discovery mixed with tense anxiet into a tide of passion. Many will enjoy watching the daddy Marino do it to the younger, smooth Mason.

So what happens to the closeted Marino and infatuated Mason? Let's just say that father knows best.

Starring: Levi , Nick Marino , Tory Mason , Tristan Mathews , Zackary Pierce , Tyler Riggz , Brianna Starr , Jordan Vaughn
Production Year: 2008
Running Time: 95 mins (approx)
Themes:Muscle Men, Huge Cocks, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Daddies, Older/Younger
Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures

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