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♺ 13500-06 Mr Macho Comes Home - Badmasterboys

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-30 |
Master Rex is the real deal  when it comes to macho guys.  In fact he is Mr Macho.  Just 19 years young, but already the genuine article.  Masculine, trained up, with a body to die for.  Arrogant and dominant.  The Master every slave dreams of. Welcome to BMB, Master Rex So what's in this clip? After a long, hard day at work Mr.Macho comes back home.  He's wearing a pair of skinny jeans. His bare torso is hidden  from sight by a leather jacket. The Master doesn't need to say much.  Slave Alex knows what his first task is; to  lick the dirt from his Master's pair of Nikes. The Master prefers keeping his slave on a lead.  And he also enjoys using him as a pony to ride on. While he's in the kitchen and sitting on him without a care in the world, he gobs all over a slice of toastbread, throws it on the floor and says 'Get that down you'. There are more treats in store for the slave later on; courtesy of Mr. Macho he gets to eat some fruit which he's used his feet to mash up. The loser gets the chance to lick the mashed pear, apricot and banana from the soles of his Master's trainers and from the floor.  Enjoy! Things are heating up and so Master Rex takes off his leather jacket.  The slave can hardly contain himself  when he sees the well-sculpted torso. But he doesn't have long to linger and look. The Master sits down on him and forces his stockinged feet into his face. An animal-like stink makes its way into the poor victim's nose. Minutes go by as the slave has no choice but to take the really nasty smells which are wafting from Mr. Macho's socks.  Here's something for you to take note of. The cameraman himself almost threw up as he was filming all of this. Which means all the more thanks are due to him for the really awesome shots.  He showed no hesitation in getting really close up to the action.  A new Master for BMB.  There'll surely be a lot more awesome clips to come from him.
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