Latino Fan Club - Teen Hustler 3

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Descriptiondistributor Latino Fan Club released 2005 length 115
category General Hardcore
studio Latino Fan Club
rating out of 4 non rated
produced ?
location New York City
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Buy or view this production at
Buy or view this production at
director Brian Brennan
music Sonic Seductions
set Stephan Franks
Alejandro (lfc)
Diamond (black)
G.Q. (black)
Janeiro (lfc)
June (Quinones)
Lefty (lfc)
Macho (lfc)
Panther (latin)
Tariq (lfc)
Tony (lfc)
Viper (latino)
Xavier (lfc)
source: promotional material
They love workin' hard. There were plenty of guys out there who would play for a horny 19 year-old with a ten-inch cock. Teen Hustler 3 follows the adventures of New York's most notorious big-dicked Latino hustlers continue when cute, young June sets up shop to pimp his new stable of studs to the horny elite. Almost two hours of sensational hardcore scenes with hot faces and huge uncut cocks.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. June (Quinones) OgAb, Viper (latino) OrAt, Tariq (lfc) OrAt
On a red couch, June (smallest) sucks Viper (moustache and baseball cap)and Tariq; Viper and Tariq top June.
found in compilation Viper Revealed

2. Alejandro (lfc) OgAb, Macho (lfc) OrAt, June (Quinones) nonsex
June arranges a date for Alejandro and Macho with a customer at a hotel; in the hotel room, on a blue bed, Alejandro sucks Macho (black do-rag); Macho tops Alejandro.
found in compilation Alejandro the Conqueror!

3. June (Quinones) OgAb, Panther (latin) OrAt
On a striped bed, June (white headband) sucks Panther (tattoos on both arms); Panther tops June.

4. Lefty (lfc) Or, G.Q. (black) Og

5. June (Quinones) OgrAb, Xavier (lfc) OgrAt
In a blue room, on a dark couch, June sucks Xavier (white do-rag); Xavier sucks and tops June.

6. Janeiro (lfc) Og, Panther (latin) Or, Lefty (lfc) Or
In front of a desk, Janeiro (black T-shirt) sucks Panther (lighter skin, both arms heavily tattooed) and Lefty (darker).

7. Diamond (black) OgAb, Tony (lfc) OrAt, G.Q. (black) OrAt
In a living room, on a blue couch next to a large plant, Diamond (necklace) sucks G.Q. and Tony (bald; wristwatch on left wrist); G.Q. and Tony top Diamond.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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